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Kamala only talks race and gender in interview with Joy Reid


Posted On June 21, 2022

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Of course: in an MSNBC interview with Joy Reid, Kamala Harris brings up race and gender

Why is it that cackling Kamala is currently second in command? How is it possible that no one else in a country of 330 million people could do a better job than the woman who can barely get a sentence out without giggling like a lunatic?

Because, as with the Supreme Court, Joe Biden vowed to nominate a black woman for Vice President, so he picked Harris from among the pool of candidates who fit those demographics in national politics.

What else could she talk about?

In a recent interview with MNSBC’s Joy Reid, Harris – who has no accomplishments to tout – focused entirely on race and gender, followed of course by her trademark cackle.

She also talked about her “joy” in watching Ketanji Brown Jackson’s nomination and confirmation to SCOTUS, mentioning Jackson’s race and gender rather than her credentials.

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