As part of KEF’s early holiday sale, you can pick up a nice pair of their Q150 bookshelf speakers for the lowest price we’ve ever seen: $299.99/pair with free shipping. That’s 50% below their normal list price of $600. The Q150 bookshelf speakers have been a critical and budget audiophile favorite since they were introduced in 2017. Pair them with a nice vintage integrated amp or a budget receiver and you’ve got yourself a great starter HiFi kit for not a lot of money.


Jonas Muller from TechWeek called the Q150 an “honest speaker that can handle anything.” He praised their neutral, uncolored sound and solid midrange. Ryan Waniata at Digital Trends had this to say about the Q150: “Offering warm body, rich detail, and crystal clarity, KEF’s unassuming Q150 are a stellar way to get hi-fi sound at a midrange price.”

The Q150 features KEF’s trademark concentric Uni-Q tweeter/woofer combo driver. It’s a 1-inch tweeter paired with a 5.25″ woofer. This design maintains phase alignment among high, mid and low frequencies. The net effect is an extended, even frequency response with excellent imaging capabilities. KEF rates the frequency range at 51 Hz to 28 kHz. The sensitivity is rated at 86 dB, which is fairly typical for a speaker of this size and design. The speakers present an 8 ohm load which makes them very easy to drive, even for a budget receiver or integrated amp.

The KEF Q150 is available in black, walnut and white finishes.

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