Keke Palmer and her boyfriend Darius Daulton Jackson seem absolutely elated as they await the arrival of their first child. The 28-year-old father-to-be most recently took to Instagram to share a post reflecting on 2022. And to thank the year for giving him a family.

Jackson’s Ode To 2022

Jackson took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a series of photos. The first is Jackson posing alone on what appears to be a lift or a Ferris wheel. The second is a photo of Jackson and Palmer passionately kissing as he scoops the pregnant actress up in his arms. The next couple of photos features solo shots and selfies of Jackson. While the final photo is one of the couples’ ultrasounds.

Jackson also captioned the carousel of photos.

To 2022, thank you for giving me a family ❤️🙏🏽

The Couple’s Baby Moon

As The Shade Room previously reported, Palmer and Jackson celebrated their baby moon with a tropical vacation. The couple’s getaway also celebrated the arrival of the New Year.

In a post of her own, Palmer gave fans a glimpse at the couple’s retreat. And reflected on a lesson that she wanted to master over the course of the rest of her pregnancy.

happy new year.
baby moon was in full affect.

i’m really proud of myself for resting this trip. i am antsy by nature. i love having a schedule, even on vacation. i learned to at least schedule things leisurely so i have something to complete that’s on brand with the theme of the season.

which is, rest. i will refrain from saying “soft girl life” or whatever new label the folks are using 😆🥴. && instead i’ll just say that for me the theme is rest because, i can. i have spent many seasons sacrificing and i am quite fine with that, i learned that from my father. from both my parents, but my dad takes the cake. i want to be just like him. his life is full and he has given so much. i don’t think giving or sacrificing are bad things, it’s who i am and that will never change. but every season we are meant to embrace something new.

this season i am going to learn how to really take it easy. how to go slow(or slower than i have which is speedy for the average ♍️💁🏾‍♀️🤣) because it definitely doesn’t mean my drive and passion will end, just transform and evolve through a different tool. how will channeling my skill through this pov make me sharper?

the point is. everything that’s going to come is already in motion. all i have to do is enjoy. be grateful and reap the benefits of those that came before me, all the sacrifices, all the prayers and all the power to be intentional and at EASE.

Roommates, are you counting down the days until the couple welcomes their bundle of joy?


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