While many dream of a life in the limelight, Kevin Hart recently took a moment to speak on some of the unsavory aspects that come with fame. However, rather than centering on subjects like the paparazzi or social media rumors, he acknowledged a more personal side of the conversation.

Kevin Hart Calls Stardom ‘A Monster’ & ‘The Biggest Drug’

Kevin spoke on the subject during Monday’s episode of the Jay Shetty Podcast.

He started off by saying comparing fame to cocaine and heroin, noting that the thrill of being a star is “the biggest drug.”

“The biggest drug. It’s not cocaine, it’s not heroin, it’s fame. Anything you want, everything you want, it’s a thing—and if you can’t handle this thing, the consequences attached are severe.”

Hart added, “Do you know you, and are you okay with you? If you are not, it’ll break you.”

The comedian went on to note he’s “been able to pinpoint” that the internal conflict that comes with fame is “like a monster.”

“It’s like a monster. My monsters have been masked in disguise in various different ways, but I’ve been able to pinpoint them throughout the years because some of those monsters got stronger…You’re talking about the world of an ego. The idea of who you think you are versus what you are or the idea of expectations and needs as to what you feel you need and what you have to have.”

He continued, noting that the struggle of essentially keeping up with others’ expectations is what ends up “feeding” the “monster.”

“That’s a monster that’s feeding that engine of, well, now that I’m making money, this is what I should have, this is how I should look, this is how I’m supposed to be. That’s a monster that you’re feeding because, ultimately, you’re buying in.”

Hart Also Spoke On How He, Chris Rock, & Dave Chappelle ‘Challenge Each Other’

While being in the spotlight can certainly have its downsides, there are also undeniable benefits, and one positive aspect is the chance to form close bonds with other stars who understand the lifestyle.

In Kevin Hart’s case, he acknowledged the relationship he shares with fellow comedians Chris Rock and Dave Chappelle. Specifically, Kevin addressed how Dave inspires both him and Chris to be better with their material.

“Dave Chappelle has made me and Chris Rock feel stupid at times when it comes to our choice of material. We have watched Dave in our earlier stages of just working on our set…Dave would go up [after] me and Chris had just went up, and we were happy about our material. [However,] there’s been times where we have looked at each other and we balled our papers up and said, ‘We gotta start over, we gotta start over.’”

Kevin was sure to note that this wasn’t “because of jealousy or envy.” Instead, he was simply noting how Dave Chappelle essentially inspired Kevin and Chris to strive to do better.

“We challenge each other. We want the best for not only each other, but for ourselves.”

Do you agree with Kevin Hart remarking that fame is a bigger drug than substances like heroin or cocaine? Additionally, what do you think about his relationship with Dave Chappelle and Chris Rock?


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