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There is no denying that the coat pattern of a leopard is cool and mesmerizing. When viewing a leopard, the distinct colors and patterns of his coat are eye-catching, unique, and familiar, making the leopard stand out in a pack of animals.

Stand out in the fashion world when dressed in lovely leopard prints. Refuse to let your inner glamour girl be tamed.

The coats of leopards consist of the colors pale yellow to deep gold or tawny and are speckled with black rosettes. The leopard is a member of the Felidae family, with a wide range in some parts of Africa and tropical Asia, from Siberia, South and West Asia to across most of sub-Saharan Africa.

The leopard is the smallest of the four big cats in the genus Panthera (leopard, tiger, lion, jaguar), although it’s flamboyant and beautiful coat stands out among the other wild cats.

Stand out in a crowd draped in leopard print perfection.

Leopard Fun Fact: Leopards are elusive, solitary and nocturnal creatures. Imitate the breathtaking cat with your fashion mystery, your original style and with your ability to rock the town into the wee hours of the morning covered in a leopard print coat.

When you dress in leopard splendor, you give off a vibration of both wild child and elegant elitist. Unleash your inner animal, while keeping a firm grip on your fashion forward confidence, by dressing in the unmistakable clothing pattern that roars leopard.

Allow Your Face Makeup to Highlight Your Leopard Print Loveliness:

  1. Bright Red Lipstick or Lip Gloss: No other lip color purrs as sensually and loudly when dressed in leopard splendor as bright red! Wild, confident red lips do justice to the wild, confident fashionista that is you.
  2. Brown, Gold and Bronze Eye Shadows: Highlight your eyes to match the warm colors of your leopard print outfit. Grrrrrrrr!
  3. Beige or Light Brown Blush: Again, this shade of blush will add the roar that your rouge is intended to bellow out. Blend your blush with the shade of your clothes.
  4. Velvet Black Mascara and Eyeliner: The dramatic black makeup accents the dramatic black spots speckling your wild leopard wardrobe.

Sheer kitty cat perfection!

Why not take your jungle fever look up a notch, by adding leopard print shoes, accessories and handbags? Too much leopard, you say? No way!

Just looking at these high heels hurts your feet, you say? Your feet can still shout “leopard lover” in a more comfortable way.

Leopard Fun Fact: Compared to other animal members of the Felidae, the leopard has short legs and a long body, with a large skull. The leopard is similar in appearance to the jaguar, but the alluring cat is smaller and more slightly built.

The leopard: solid, sensual and a stealthy animal.

Cause heads to turn and eyes to stare when you lather yourself in alluring leopard print wear.

May I interest you in a little bit of fun, frivolous, yet fashionable, leopard print art?

Leopards are a species that exhibit remarkable hunting behavior, running at speeds up to nearly 40 miles per hour. The leopard also has the ability to climb trees with extreme ease, even when carrying a heavy carcass.

Hunt your way through the busy, crowded shopping malls, looking for ever so lovely, modern and up-to-the-minute leopard print clothing. You may not be dragging a heavy carcass along with you, but you will be thrilled and excited when you are carrying full, heavy bags of fabulous leopard print items.

Look, there’s a leopard walking our way. You are by far cool, regal and the best dressed person that we’ve seen all day.

Slink your way down the catwalk and roar down the runway dressed in the leopard print fun way.

Adorn yourself in the coat of the spotted cat, and you’ll be spotted by every head in the room.

What garment is hip, striking and magnificent to wear? I will give you a hint, it’s the leopard print.

Leopard Prints – Refuse to let your inner glamour girl be tamed!

Nancy Mangano is an American beauty/fashion/style influencer, fashion journalist, screenwriter and author of the Natalie North murder mystery book series. Visit Nancy on her global online fashion/style/beauty magazine Strutting in Style! at, her Facebook page Nancy Mangano at  Twitter @ and her author website



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