Christmas may be over but rapper Lil Baby is still spreading holiday cheer.

A fan took to TikTok and YouTube to share a recent encounter with the star. In the clips, the woman’s husband can be seen extending a helping hand to the Atlanta-bred artist.

The Incident

According to Power 105.1, the star’s tour bus had been hit by a Toyota Prius. The husband said he spotted Lil Baby standing on the side of the road and went to watch the incident from afar.

In the first TikTok clip, Lil Baby can be seen attempting to jack up the car. The woman’s husband then enters the shot, asking the rapper if he needed any assistance. To which he accepted.

The clip later cuts to photos Lil Baby took with the husband and onlookers. As well as a few pictures of the husband holding a hefty lump of cash near his face.

🤧🔥🤘🏿✅ what a blessing so dope DEFINITELY NEED SOME 🎟 SOON UNC ‼️‼️‼️

The video’s caption reads.


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♬ Stand On It – Lil Baby

The couple then uploaded another video, showing more of Lil Baby working on the car by himself. As the bystanders watched, they cheered him on.


Replying to @getmoneyga

♬ original sound – N

“The Real Story”

The couple then took to YouTube for the husband to detail more about the surreal moment.

Lil Baby he was over here man — I just saw two cars, I was driving past and I recognized his face immediately. So I’m like ‘Man, he looks like he might need some help.’ So we go over there. He’s like, ‘Man, I’m trying to handle some business right now.’ I’m like ‘Okay, let me just chill out for a second.’ But I’m like, ‘Damn, this Lil Baby bro, like whatttt.’

That’s when the husband decided to offer his assistance, to which the rapper nodded and motioned for him to approach the scene

So we put the car up together. And it was just like a tripped out situation — it was an out-of-body experience bro. If you know what [it’s like] being around somebody that’s just angelic being, bro. Man, that’s Lil Baby. You can just feel the energy, it was just all positivity…

The man then said that Lil Baby went to move the tour bus. And when the rapper returned, he had already put the new tire on the car.

He was like, ‘Aye.’ He just started counting some money, and then he just handed me the whole thing of money — he didn’t even, like, look at it. I’m like, ‘Damn, man!’ He gave me a good lump sum of money.


Kudos to Lil Baby — we love to see it!


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