On Saturday, actor Marsai Martin took to social media to share an update about her health with fans. The 18-year-old took to her Instagram Story and posted a video of her being wheeled down a hospital hallway. Martin was laying in a hospital bed.

In the caption of the post, Martin shared details about the experience.

If you missed my live, long story short, I had surgery for my large ovarian cyst that gave me constant pain for 4+ years. I really don’t remember any of this sh*t cause of the anesthesia lol. But I will say, I am very grateful to have family and educators by my side in support of this process.

Martin went on to explain why she chose to share her health journey with fans.

The only reason I am sharing this is so I can hopefully spread awareness and share my experience to the young women out there that may be going through the same thing or have difficult menstrual cycles. You are never alone. Listen to your body. It always shows you signs. Health is wealth.

Fans Showed Their Concern & Shared Prayers For Martin

Fans were immediately concerned for Martin and shared their good wishes for the actor. Many also addressed the growing health issue of fibroids and ovarian cysts for Black women. Some even shared their own health scares.

It’s crazy how black women suffer from fibroids at an alarming rate. What is really going on.


Prayers up for speedy recovery


This needs to be addressed more often especially in the black communities that’s pain is no joke


Had the same surgery in my mid 20’s. Mine grew to the size of a grapefruit! Can be very painful and dangerous. Glad she’s ok

Martin Has Also Shared A Post-Surgery Update With Fans

The black-ish actor returned to her Instagram Story on Sunday.

Thank y’all for all the love. The procedure was 10 days ago and I’m now feeling fine. I also appreciate the stories from folks that have been through the same thing! But I’m back and I’m betta.

Roommates, are you happy that Marsai Martin is bringing more awareness to this issue?


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