There seems to be some misunderstanding between reality stars Shereé Whitfield and Martell Holt about what they have going on, according to an entertainment host speaking on the matter.

News broke earlier this week that the ‘Real Housewives Of Atlanta’ cast member was dating ‘Love and Marriage Huntsville’ antagonist Martell. Reality TV fans winced at Sheree, who confirmed she’s been dating Holt for around two months with TMZ—but is it true?

According to internet personality Quentin Latham aka Funky Dineva, this is NOT what his sources say Martell is saying.

Martell’s Allegedly Working On Shereé’s Château 

Lathan spilled the news that Martell is allegedly “pissed” about Sheree telling people they’re an item on his FOX Soul show, Tea G-I-F.

According to the host, he spoke with a source who has a close relationship with Martell. Allegedly, the father of four vented about Sheree blowing up their relationship to reporters since he believed he was building a pool for her Atlanta mansion and pulling permits for the property…allegedly.

So here is what’s interesting…I spoke to one of my colleagues in media who has a very close relationship with Martell Holt, and according to her, Martell Holt is pissed. And said that he and Sheree are not together […] Sheree is not even his type, that he is building a pool for Sheree and is working closely with her pulling permits. 

Martell’s phone was also “ringing off the hook,” which made him the “extremely upset,” Latham added. Sheree does have a gorgeous $3.2 million property that she constantly builds on.

Maybe Sheree has Martell under contract?

Yikes! Sheree did tell TMZ that she and Martell were working together but not on her pool. The 52-year-old single lady said Martell, 40, has been helping her with her forthcoming clothing line, She by Shereé. As for her former boo Tyrone Gilliams, Shereé says that the ship has sailed and won’t be turning back!

Roomies, are you shocked by this news at all? Hit play to hear what more Funky Dineva’s sources had to say on Tea G-I-F.

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