Martha Menefield, 82, opened her door to two Alabama cops on November 27. The Valley Police Department officers were there to arrest her over an unpaid $77.80 water bill–warrant in hand.

Now, more than 1,000 donations have poured in, surpassing Menefield’s fundraising goal of $25,000. Though she launched the GoFundMe about four days ago, it’s already raised over $31,900.

“[The water bill] has since been paid, but I have incurred expenses for my home and some vision issues, and I can use some assistance. Thank God fo all those who want to help, and I appreciate it all. May God Bless,” Martha’s GoFundMe says.

Over the weekend, bodycam footage showed an officer handcuffing a distressed Menefield, who was wearing a short-sleeved, purple tee.

Before the arrest, Martha explained that her daughter handles the bills, but the police fired back that “she hasn’t been doing it.” Menefield looked over the warrant, opened her phone, and repeatedly expressed confusion. Meanwhile, the officer explained that the city’s code enforcement should’ve sent her a notice about a month ago. Then the officer informed Martha she would have to pay $285 to “get out of PD or go to the county jail.”

Watch the bodycam footage below:

Trae Tha Truth Visit Martha Menefield In Alabama, Encourages People To Donate

As news of Martha’s arrest spread, Trae Tha Truth visited Martha in Alabama to check on her spirits and make a pledge that she won’t experience that arrest twice.  He’s encouraging people to give what they can to help Menefield.

“Made A Quick Flight and Pulled Up On Mrs. Martha Menefield…. She won’t go thru what she went through again. Her Energy Keep U In Good Spirits….. We Can Do Our Best To Help Change Her Life,” Trae wrote. 

Martha also sent a thank you, recorded by Trae, to everyone who has shown her support.


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