Monsoon is delighted to announce the launch of ‘Monsoon Bazaar’, a distinctive and carefully curated marketplace of beautiful and eclectic products from a next generation of makers, both big and small.

Bazaar will launch with a collection of 40 design-led, sustainable and entrepreneurial brands, with an initial assortment of 500 options hand-picked by the Monsoon team. The collection features products across homeware, women’s and children’s clothing, fashion accessories, wellness and gifting. Launch brands include Nkuku, East, Tallulah and Hope, One Hundred Stars, Little Green Radicals, Trotters, Maison M and Lab Tonica.

Bazaar will live as a micro-site within the larger Monsoon website, with distinct bright and playful branding that reflects the fun and eclectic collection of brands and products. The marketplace will engage consumers via its own Instagram account [@monsoonbazaar] and a presence in Monsoon’s new boutique stores.

Naomi Robertson, Monsoon’s Director of Merchandising and Buying, comments: “The idea for Monsoon Bazaar came simply from a desire to support rising entrepreneurial brands in reaching new markets, while sharing products that we love with our Monsoon audience. We travel far and wide when we create our Monsoon collections, and we wanted a way of sharing some of the treasures that we encounter. The creators behind the brands share so much of what we aspire to: making beautiful and sustainable products, sourced ethically and responsibly. It has been a joy to put the initial collection together, and we’re excited to share more as we develop Bazaar in the seasons ahead.”

Monsoon Bazaar: good things come to those who seek.

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