This week, Nick Cannon was trending all over social media after a sound bite where he spoke on the recent news that he’s expecting his ninth baby went viral. In the clip where the “Wild ‘n Out” host conversed with Angela Yee on her “Lip Service” podcast, Nick Cannon called himself a “victim” of “vagina.”

Making light of the conversation around fathering nine children, six within the past two years, Nick shared with Yee how things led to the present. His answer is what had people talking on social media.

And the thing is, everybody saw I was so down, so everybody was like, ‘Lemme just give him a little vagina and that’s gonna cheer him up.’ And I fell victim to it because I was in such a weak space. So December, right before Christmas, I started f*cking like crazy.”

Nick seemingly placed blamed on him being “weak” as an excuse for expecting two babies at the same time, again. Both Abby De La Rosa, the mother of NIck’s twin boys, and Bre Tiesi are pregnant with Nick’s babies currently.

Twitter Reacts To Nick Cannon’s Claim He’s A “Victim”

Fans of Nick Cannon’s did not let him off the hook so easy after calling himself a “victim.” Folks on Twitter took the opportunity to “diagnose” Nick with being a sex addict. Others called his behavior “irresponsible” while some also jokes about him impregnating multiple women in such a short period of time.

Roomies, what do you think about social media’s reactions to Nick Cannon expecting his ninth child?