Jio Haptik Technologies Limited, the world’s foremost conversational commerce platform, has joined hands with Nilkamal, the world’s largest manufacturer of molded furniture, to enable a consistent brand experience for its customers on WhatsApp and website.

During the phase-1 launch, Nilkamal’s capabilities will allow it to resolve frequently-asked customer queries and reduce the dependency on support agents, which helps optimize manpower capacity planning.

The Haptik-Nilkamal partnership does not only automate WhatsApp commerce at a granular level but also helps customers track their order status, status of their refund requests, and add product discovery as part of their shopping experience. The bot has been designed to make commerce through conversations a matter of intuition and uses Haptik’s flagship smart skills – Product Discovery, Smart Agent Chat and Feedback to achieve this.

Haptik’s intelligent WhatsApp and website bots enable a smooth brand experience and help personalize the customer experience, which results in customer delight.

Aakrit Vaish, Haptik Co-founder and CEO, said: “The Haptik-Nilkamal partnership brings forth robust solutions driven by our intuitive bots to streamline customer experience, optimize support agent performance and ultimately achieve customer satisfaction. Customer experience, after all, is the name of the game and our solutions help brands like Nilkamal to offer the best CX whose foundation lies in hyper personalization and seamless brand-customer communications.”

Abhishek Pathak, Head of Customer Success at Nilkamal, said: “Thanks to Haptik, Nilkamal has enhanced customer experience by ensuring our customers are able to access round-the- clock support to address their key concerns, track order and refund status, and explore our world-class products. Haptik’s WhatsApp and website chatbots help us drive conversations that feel natural with a human touch to them.”

Product Exploration, Smart Agent Chat and Feedback are the Smart Skills from Haptik that power Nilkamal’s renewed customer experience strategy.

About Haptik

Haptik helps brands acquire, convert, engage and delight users with AI-driven, personalized, conversational experiences across 20 channels and 100+ languages. With the vision of creating the most compelling conversational commerce platform of the 21st century, Haptik’s Conversational Commerce platform enables brands to design delightful experiences that improve conversion rates across every stage of their customer’s journey. Haptik’s leading clients and partners include KFC, Whirlpool, Starhub, HP, Reliance Jio, CEAT, Disney Hotstar, OLA, and Zurich Insurance among others. The company has been featured as a Category Leader across many platforms including Gartner, G2, Opus Research & more.


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