Outdoor retail specialist Nordic Outdoor is set to further solidify its real space stamp by opening a new flagship store in the heart of London’s thriving Covent Garden this August. Based on Southampton Street, the brand will sit shoulder-to-shoulder with some of the biggest names in global outdoor clothing and equipment.

With access direct from the street and spread over a single level of 1400 sq ft, the store will showcase the best in Scandinavian outdoor apparel and equipment from some of the most exciting brands in the sector.

Founder Caspar Odqvist says; “We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to introduce our retail concept in the most exciting and alive outdoor location in the UK. This is the next stage in a 20-year journey, which began at Game Fairs and Bushcraft shows. In this time, the outdoor market has changed dramatically and more customers than ever are looking to get involved in experiences. Valuing style just as much as functionality.

“Nordic Outdoor’s aim is to use this store to shake up an outdoor market which can look all too similar from store to store with only the name above the doors changing. With new brands, a Scandinavian mindset and 20 years of experience behind us, we can’t wait to land in the Capital this Summer.”

With this latest move, in addition to three current stores situated in both Edinburgh and Keswick, two of which recently celebrated their 10-year anniversary, Nordic Outdoor expands its mission to introduce new and established Scandinavian brands and their ethos to the market, with a focus on its store staff being lovers of the outdoors, rather than specifically from that sector.

Last year, Nordic Outdoor made their biggest opening with the introduction of their St James Quarter store in Edinburgh, as one of just three independents in Scotland’s biggest retail regeneration project for a number of years, thus introducing the brand concept to an entirely new audience. Covent Garden will act as an extension of the St James Quarter concept, allowing the brand to showcase some of the most exciting brands in modern Scandinavian outdoor alongside those with a long and storied history. Hoping to create a retail experience unlike anything currently available in the UK market.

Caspar adds;  “As a 100% independently owned business, this is a huge step for the Nordic Outdoor brand and will allow us the opportunity to bring our take on retail to a much larger market. While many people suggest that Bricks and Mortar retail is in decline, it is the area of our business in which we take the most pride and we want to showcase this to as wide an audience as possible.

“As we develop our new concept store in Central London we are looking forward to hosting events, talks, screenings and party’s to create a new hub for outdoor lovers in London.”

With Nordic Outdoor primarily here ffor the people who enjoy spending time in nature without pretence, the new store will be a welcome addition to Covent Garden and to a city audience that has a growing passion for all things outdoors, especially on the back of the pandemic. This will continue the brand’s 17-year journey to try and introduce some of the best brands in Scandinavian Outdoor to the UK market with the introduction of a number of new brands and products as part of the Autumn Winter 22 launch.



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