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Pee Of Quality Control & DJ Khaled Receive Backlash For Purchasing Mega Millions Tickets


As the Mega Millions jackpot increases to $1.28 billion, the second-biggest win in history, celebs are buying lottery tickets but not without backlash.

Quality Control’s CEO, Pierre “Pee” Thomas, posted a photo of his multiple lottery tickets, and people were not feeling it.

With a rumored net worth of $50 million, people couldn’t understand why the producer would be purchasing tickets to cash in on the lottery. After folks voiced their opinions, After posting a photo of lottery tickets asking “why not?” Pee responded and asked:


How the hell y’all mad at someone for trying to hit the mega million for a billion? 

He continued:

If y’all don’t get the f**k on with that s**t. Ain’t nobody trying to be working every day like this.

A few people circled back and doubled down on their stance. One person tweeted:

DJ Khaled also bought tickets to win the $1.28 billion bag, and people also had a few things to say to him.

Posting a video to Instagram, he stated:

I hope you played ’cause I played. It’s a billion dollars, I’m gonna at least try. You see what’s going on. I ain’t playing with this.

A few people on Instagram wrote:

Him and P need to let us broke people have this moment.

Another person wrote underneath his post:

They already got money but I’m a just mind my business.

One person understood the perspectives from both sides:

Part of me feel like you can’t have too much money then the other part of me thinking about the people who really need the money.

Roomies, what do you think of this?


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