The Periodic Audio Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is on this week with a rather generous and tempting offer. They are including a free Periodic Audio Rh DAC/Amp with any of the following IEM purchases.

Why is this such a good deal right now?

Because the brand just switched up its retail model and is now selling direct to consumers through its website only.

Their award-winning IEMs are now more affordable and that’s a great piece of news when everything is so bloody expensive.

Periodic Audio IEMs with pricing

Consumers benefit in a big way from this decision and they won’t be the last to do this in 2022 or 2023 with inflation really putting the squeeze on manufacturers.

The V3 IEMs are all made in the United States which makes them more expensive to produce but the brand is confident that their new direction will pay dividends because they are cutting out one of the layers that makes their products more costly.

“We feel so strongly that our line of IEMs represents significant value for the consumer,” said Dan Wiggins, co-founder of Periodic Audio. “We’ve spent years researching materials, acoustic geometries, mechanical architectures, and the relationships between them culminating to the new generation of products. After working hard to refine our manufacturing and material processes, our next logical step to reach a wider audience to eliminate additional operational overhead costs resulting in a direct sale model for North America.”

The V3 IEMs retain Periodic Audio’s critically acclaimed proprietary sound engines, all developed in-house. Their ultra-wideband, high-efficiency, low-distortion, dynamic speaker elements are designed to perform with maximum reliability.

Periodic Audio Rhodium USB-C Dongle DAC with USB adapter

The Rhodium Dongle DAC is the perfect option for all of their IEMs and normally retails for $49 USD.

What a great way to start the holidays with a high-end pair of wired IEMs and a FREE Dongle DAC.

Remember to use the code “ECOUSTICS” at check-out at: periodicaudio.com

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