PnB Rock did not have life insurance or a will ahead of his murder in September 2022. His girlfriend,  Stephanie Sibounheuang, who was present during the fatal armed robbery, volunteered the information during a video message to her 695,000 Insta-followers.

At the time of his death, PnB Rock was 30. The Selfish artist is survived by two daughters, nine-year-old Milan Allen from a previous relationship and two-year-old Xuri Lee with Stephanie.

Sibounheuang posted the ‘vulnerable’ 15-minute video on January 14 after live-streaming it. In it, she emphasizes her struggles since Rock’s passing. Stephanie said she had no interest in making the video. However, she stated it’s “a season of obedience, a season of vulnerability, and a season of transparency.”

Sibounheuang explained that PnB Rock was the primary breadwinner. The artist allegedly took care of her and her family–despite Stephanie’s income from Air BnBs and her business Angel Energy. So, Stephanie thanked everyone who has been supportive since Rock’s death, from purchasing her products to reposting her prayers.

“It’s just been tough without no help, without my protector and my provider here, but it’s really like I’m just letting God use me. I’m just trusting God’s plan, I’m just being obedient. If that’s what God wants, like have your way,” Stephanie said before her voice cracked with emotion.

Stephanie Sibounheuang Says PnB Rock Did Not Plan For Death With Insurance Or A Will

Nearly eight minutes in, a follower asked Stephanie about Rock’s plans for his family, including his daughters. She responded by revealing his lack of death plans.

“No, he did not have life insurance, he did not have a will. No, we didn’t have nothing set up. We’re so young, we don’t plan on death. So I WATCH: Stephanie Sibounheuang Reveals PnB Rock Did Not Have Life Insurance Or A Will: ‘We Don’t Plan On Death’ don’t get no death benefits, I don’t get nothing.”

Stephanie and PnB Rock had been in an on-and-off relationship for years. In March 2022, the rapper pleaded with Stephanie on social media, admitting that he screwed up and wants her to be happy, but with him.

He wrote, in part:

“I f**ked up BIG TIME and I realize @stephsibounheuang is truly my blessing… I done seen her move on and become happy again and glowing without me… tbh that Sh*t truly hurt… after all the sh*t I put her thru she deserves to be happy and I deserve to be unhappy smh but f**k that I’m a (Toxic) Man and I’m fighting for mines…. N***as gotta step they game up… Oh, and don’t think for one second because I’m posting this that I’m soft for any reason. I will Kill one of you n****s about this one right here no kizzy she da ONLY one.”

They reconciled–given her status in his life at the time of Rock’s death. However, they were not legally married, which limits, if not eliminates, her rights to benefits.

Watch Stephanie’s full video below:

Stephanie Sibounheuang Revealed Suicidal Thoughts After PnB Rock’s Death 

In the month following the rapper’s death, Steph went radio silent on social media. Meanwhile, Steph was blamed across social media platforms, by celebrities and fans alike, for Rock’s death.

Moments before the armed robbery, Stephanie shared their location at a south Los Angeles Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles–where he was gunned down. However, police later revealed the suspected killers were already in the restaurant’s parking lot before the couple arrived on September 12.

By mid-October, Sibounheuang revealed that she was “100% not ok” and experienced suicidal thoughts following the traumatic event.

She wrote:

“If I wasn’t spiritual, I could kill myself (but then I’ll go to hell and my man not there). My man saved my life, throwing me under that table. I’m not supposed to be here, but bc of him, I am. No one would be able to handle this. TBH, I can’t even handle this.”

Later in the lengthy message, she revealed progress in their relationship, in Rock’s behaviors in their relationship. In her words, her man did “a complete 360,” but his life was cut short before they could continue down their improved road.

One day before what would’ve been Rock’s 31st birthday, Steph unveiled a neck tattoo of his name.


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