We welcome two experienced product managers from Shure to discuss details about the SE846 Gen 2 Sound Isolating Earphones, which are being released today (Sept 15, 2022) for $899 at Shure.com.

Take a deep dive into all the reasons why these earphones are so special, and be sure to check out our full in-depth review for more details.


Sean Sullivan, Shure’s Associate Director of Wired Products, has been intrinsically involved in the development of the SE846 Gen 2.  With over twenty years in the industry (17 managing the earphone products at Shure), Sean has overseen the design and production of Shure’s most innovate earphone technology.  As a musician, audiophile, and sound engineer, Sean has a passion for great audio and high end listening products. Sean’s work at Shure has been instrumental in meeting the needs of today’s high-end audio market, at home, on the street, and on stage.

Steve Marek, Shure’s Senior Product Management Specialist, has been with the company for over a decade. He primarily focuses on earphone and headphone products, but also works on an occasional microphone project from time to time. Recent highlights include launching the AONIC 3, AONIC 4, and AONIC 5 earphones, as well as the new SRH440A and SRH840A headphones. He is also an active musician and recording/mixing/mastering engineer, putting products through countless hours of critical evaluation during development.

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