With inflation increasing by 9.1% compared to last year, gas is a pain point for Americans across the country. Biden recently spoke about gas and how it’s impacting our daily lives. In a series of tweets, he  announced that the cost of gas has been on a decrease for more than 30 days.

President Biden took to Twitter and shared his experience as a kid when the cost of gas effected his family’s pockets. He tweeted:

The POTUS also stated because of the change in gas prices drivers are able to save $25 a month.

Biden continued to say that the cost of oil has went down but there’s more work to be done.

He also stated that he has been releasing 1 barrel every day from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

As gas prices are on the decline, July has seen the biggest drop in gas prices in a 24-hour period.

According to Bloomberg, gas prices had the largest 24-hour drop in close to 15 years in July. Prices reportedly fell by 3.1 cents to $4.721 a gallon overnight, based on new figures from AAA. These latest numbers are on track with current prices that have been falling for the past 24 days, which is the longest time-frame of decline since back in April 2020.

While there is a decrease in prices, the cost of gas is currently $1.60 more compared to a year ago.

Roomies, are you seeing the difference?

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