Posted On July 6, 2022

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Three days after the Supreme Court issued its ruling overturning Roe v Wade, Dr. Caitlin Bernard, an OB/GYN in Indiana, reached out to the Columbus Dispatch and reported that she had been contacted by an unnamed colleague in Ohio who had a 10 year old patient that had been raped. The doctor claimed she was six weeks and three days pregnant and needed an abortion but she was prevented by Ohio’s abortion law from getting one. According to Dr. Bernard this forced the child’s family to travel to Indiana where Dr. Bernard performed the procedure.

Of course this sparked immediate outrage on Twitter and elsewhere on social media. With claims about Republicans not caring for the welfare of children who become pregnant from rape or incest, and it started an absolute windfall of media exposure for Dr. Bernard, who just so happens to be an abortion activist.

The questions very few people are asking are astounding, given the circumstances. The main one being the timing of her report to The Columbus Dispatch. A mere three days after the Dobbs decision.

Another question is regarding the pregnancy itself. While pre-teen girls menstruating under the age of 12 does happen, their cycles are extremely erratic making pregnancy at that age, not impossible, but very unlikely. There is also the estimation of how far along the pregnancy was. Six weeks and three days. In any pregnancy a determination that accurate is nearly impossible. Not to mention that it’s timing also makes such an estimation suspect.

There is also this unnamed doctor from Ohio. It seems that if this doctor’s first choice was to contact a known abortion activist for assistance, then that doctor would have little problem with coming forward to act as verification for this story. As yet, the doctor remains anonymous.

When will justice be done?

But the final question and the most important one is, where is the police report on the rape of this young girl? Doctors in both Ohio and Indiana are required by law to report incidents of child abuse and/or rape regardless of whether or not the attending physician believes the incident occurred in that state. So what is being done to track down and prosecute this girl’s attacker? 10 years old and raped? Justice for this child should be the main focus of any news report on the subject. Yet it is never mentioned in any of over 100 articles on the subject.

There are only two possible outcomes from this last question. Either these doctors did not file a report in violation of the law, or this extremely rare case of a 10 year old pregnancy doesn’t exist. There is no third option.

A few Twitter users have already started questioning this media narrative, but so far, no major publication appears to be doing so. There are way too many red flags to support yet another hearsay case from the left about a mysterious victim with an extremely unlikely story. The Main Stream Media has once again failed to follow up on such allegations and instead run straight to the printing press to publish what is most likely, just another fabricated story.

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