Florida rapper Rollie Bands was shot and killed on Saturday after posting an Instagram story where he invited anyone who wanted “smoke” to “pull up” to his Tampa home.

Authorities say he was murdered within minutes of posting the invitation on social media.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office responded to the call, FOX 13 reports; however the rapper was transported to a nearby hospital before authorities reached the scene.

Late Rapper Invited Opps To Pull Up: They “Know Where I Live”

He was pronounced dead from a single gunshot wound shortly after that.

If a n**** want smoke, pull up,” the “Struggle” artist wrote in his Story yesterday. ”

A lot of these n**** [know] where I live at fr,” he began writing on his Story. “I sleep in peace. If a n**** want smoke, I’m at my crib in five [minutes].”

According to reports, the shooter had already left the apartment complex by the time police arrived. Authorities say it’s likely he and the suspects knew each other.

Not much is known about the late rapper, who boasted only a modest social media following at the time of his death, although Instagram posts show he leaves behind a young daughter.

“He Signed His Own Death Certificate” Social Media Reacts To Senseless Death Of Rapper

Many on social media criticized Bands for essentially inviting his own murder, calling out the senselessness of his death.

“Rest in paradise to Rollie Bands. So sad and senseless. He should still be alive,” one tweet read.

“N****s will be late for work, a job interview or picking up their own child. But for smoke, you say 5 mins, oops pulling up in 5 mins flat to drill,” another person tweeted.

“RIP Rollie Bands for being an idiot n getting himself killed,” a third commenter wrote.

“Rip to rollie bands BUT YO A** THOUGHT YO OPPS WAS PLAYING HUH … 💀😭😭 now let this be a lesson to y’all rappers who thing you the s***” a commenter posted to Twitter.

“The tongue is real powerful … he signed his own death certificate smh so sad!”

No arrests have been made as of Monday, and authorities say an investigation into the rapper’s death is ongoing.

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