Rod Wave, known for his emotional songs, took to Twitter to let everyone know that his upcoming album, ‘Beautiful Minds’ will be his last “sad” project.

His tweets read:

On my [babies] dis my last sad a** album I’m off dat just wanna live happy, travel, [and] get this money.

He continued to say:

But das da growth doe we all gone grow together

While Rod was expressing himself and making his fans aware of the change, a commenter wrote and said:

Nobody wanna keep hearing that sad depressing a** s**t like come with some new ugh

The 22-year-old responded and said:

Not to[o] much

In May, the ‘Cold December’ artist was accused of choking his ex-girlfriend while their children were present. But the case was later dismissed.

His attorney, Brad Cohen, announced on Instagram:

Myself and my main man David Bigney @bigneylawfirm represented Rodarius Green aka Rod Wave on his arrest last week, in Osceola County for an alleged domestic violence case. We are thrilled that this misunderstanding is behind him and he can move forward with a successful career. Sometimes misunderstandings can be misconstrued and it isn’t until all the evidence and witnesses are reviewed that the right decision is made by the States Attorney.

In December of 2021, Rod scared fans when he deactivated his social media accounts after posting cryptic lyrics that seemingly alluded to suicide.

The artist would later come back and say that the song was not about suicide. In an IG live, he expressed:

Why the fuck people take that shit and just say that was my suicide letter?” That’s not how that works. That’s not how suicide letters work. You don’t go to a studio and record a suicide letter.

Roomies, do y’all want different music from the artist?


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