Rural commerce platform Hesa has acquired Flinkhub to enhance their super app and drive product-led Growth. Hesa will bring onboard Flinkhub’s Co-Founders Ashish Rajput, Ananth SNC and Jerrin Joy to accelerate their product adoption among India’s next billion users.

“Flinkhub team comes with years of experience of building startups from the ground up. They bring a unique combination of user and product understanding and exceptional execution capabilities to drive large-scale adoption,” said Vamsi Udayagiri, Co-Founder and CEO, Hesa.

The team will focus their efforts on enhancing the Hesa super app, a ‘phygital’ marketplace where a rural consumer gets access to all their product & service needs in one place.

“Technology has drastically changed the way we work, earn, spend and live. We’re truly at an inflection point, with a large consumer base coming online for the first time.”, states Ananth Rajput, who will head Technology at Hesa.

Flinkhub has 2 products – Flinkhub relationship intelligence, a tool that accurately maps a user’s network and Papertown, a social networking app for learning. Hesa will use these technologies for product-led acquisition & training of their network of village-level entrepreneurs (VLEs).

Hesa has 40,000 VLEs or Hesaathis who use the Hesa super app to fulfil the needs of users in their village network.FinTech, Agri, E-commerce and Digital brands integrate their products on the super app and get direct access to rural users.

”Hesa’s phygital model already drives 18% online commerce in villages, which is higher than many cities. Scaling this across India’s 6.5 lac villages requires unique strategies, quite different from what works for urban.”, states Jerrin Joy, who will drive Growth.

“Building products for the next billion users requires a highly user-centric approach. They have unique ways of interacting with technology. Hesa’s widespread Hesaathi network and consumer intelligence puts us at the forefront to build for them.” states Ashish, who will drive Product.

Hesa’s marketplace drives 150 Cr monthly GMV and is growing rapidly with 20% MOM growth. India’s rural market of 70 Cr users is largely untapped. Several Fintech, Agri, FMCG and digital brands are now focussing on serving this market. Hesa is backed by investors like Venture Catalyst and WeFounderCircle.

Hesa is a unified social, digital and physical (phygital) commerce platform enabling digital transactions of products and services in rural India. Headquartered in Telangana, Hesa with integrated B2B marketplace is enabling buying and selling of various services and products with an almost ‘doorstep access’ with a network of 30,000 village network entrepreneurs serving more than 700,000 customers in a short span of one year. Hesa has partnered with more than 65+ brands, this unique model is a win-win initiative for both entrepreneurs and startups.

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