SALT, the specialist food and drink marketing consultancy, has become the first food and drink consultancy to launch on the global food metaverse, OneRare.

SALT has opened an office and an event space housed within British pub – The SALT Arms – to offer its unique marketing services to global food businesses in the specialist metaverse, bringing the SALT portfolio into Web3 and making metaverse marketing more accessible to food and drink brands.

SALT and OneRare’s teams will work closely together to deliver a suite of services in the specialist metaverse which has been dubbed the ‘Foodverse’.

SALT’s Foodverse offices will be spread across two floors and a rooftop that will include a British pub; where all good things happen! This is a space designed for holding virtual meetings and events with options for gamified components using NFTs that combine virtual and real-world elements.

The first floor will act as SALT’s office space where one-to-one consultations will be held with clients. The clients’ avatars can interact virtually throughout the pub, whether at the bar counter ordering drinks or at the individual booths for more private conversations.

The second floor will be SALT’s event space which can be customised for clients who plan to host virtual events without having to commit to a full campaign or permanent footprint on the metaverse.

It will feature a gallery, media hub and theatre-style TV for SALT to showcase and screen highly engaging content created throughout the year.

At the very top will be the pub’s rooftop which will represent a wild British garden with park benches.

The space will also include avatars of the SALT team (including two puppies), who will be on standby to interact with visitors and help clients in the space.

Robert Wigman, Managing Director at SALT, said: “Our clients love us for our expertise and knowledge of all aspects of food and beverage, strategy and activations.

“Alongside our imaginative physical and real-world platforms there is an increasing demand for value-driving digital creativity that will delight and surprise a whole new audience

“Our partnership with OneRare enables us to be the first specialist agency in the global food metaverse and be at the forefront of developing this exciting digital platform for SALT and for our entire client base to meaningfully use the metaverse as a channel to reach and engage new audiences and develop exciting new work.”

Supreet Raju, Co-Founder at OneRare, said: “The world is becoming increasingly tightknit and new-age business decisions can allow you to monetise global audiences in new ways. Companies like SALT do exactly that, and we at OneRare are delighted to collaborate with them on this journey. OneRare is working closely with Global F&B brands to bring them into the Foodverse, and SALT is the perfect partner for making this happen.

“SALT has built a unique identity in the food space and nurtured brands to market out of their comfort zone, and that’s exactly what the Metaverse concept is all about. SALT can empower brands to take their first step into the Foodverse and understand how to market effectively in the Web3 space.”

SALT, founded in 2016, is a full-service, premium food and beverage marketing consultancy. SALT’s unrivalled network includes everyone from the world’s greatest culinary superstars to epic production companies, from digital gurus to data geniuses to global entertainment legends, including CNBC, Moet Hennessy, and Mr Porter to name a few.


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