It has been a busy August for Sennheiser and it would appear that they have a green light from the new ownership to go after very specific categories within the wireless segment. The Momentum True Wireless 3 and Momentum 4 Wireless On-Ear Headphones have already impressed us and we’re not alone in that regard. The brand new Sennheiser TV Clear offer a wireless earbud alternative to the RS-120-W Wireless On-Ear model just introduced earlier this week.

Wireless headphones for TV watching are not new; Bose and Sennheiser have offered models for a few years but they have always been a major pain to use because the designs have been heavy, uncomfortable to wear for more than 20 minutes, and designed for one user.

Sennheiser TV Clear True Wireless Earbuds with Transmitter

Both brands have upgraded their models to include lighter designs, better range, improved sound quality, and control apps to help personalize the listening experience.

The other change involves the use of tablets, smart phones, and laptops to watch in bed, outside, while commuting, and traveling. Some of us even take our iPad Pro to the bathroom to watch NHL games alone where nobody will bother us — I won’t judge you if that’s your reality.

The $399.99 USD price is definitely steep; one could use a pair of Bluetooth headphones from PSB which can be synched to something like a Bluesound NODE or PowerNode connected to your television and accomplish the same thing.

The Sennheiser TV Clear let you enjoy TV entertainment your way. For a personalized audio experience, you can choose from five speech clarity levels – providing up to 20 dB high-frequency amplification – to experience crystal-clear dialog.

You can also set your own preferred volume level on the earbuds independently from that of the television or other audio source when using them with the transmitter, to enjoy undisturbed viewing while others watch at a sound level comfortable for them.   

Sennheiser TV Clear True Wireless Earbuds in Open Case

Stay Connected

As well as providing the option of watching your television without disturbing those around you or being distracted by external noise, TV Clear lets you choose to stay connected to others when desired. Its Ambient Awareness mode lets you hear external sound while wearing the earbuds – ideal for TV viewing with family or friends, or users can switch off the mode  for more privacy.   

The Sennheiser TV Clear are a universal solution that offers multiple device connectivity: link to televisions with the transmitter or seamlessly connect to multiple devices including televisions, tablets and smartphones via Bluetooth. For TV viewing, the transmitter’s low latency streaming technology keeps audio and video in sync for a better viewing experience.

Sennheiser TV Clear Wireless Earbuds

The 6.9g lightweight nature of the True Wireless earbud design is a revelation in comfort and convenience that can be worn for extra-long binge-watching sessions without interfering with your glasses or pressing on your temples.

The inconspicuous wire-free design and secure fit provided by a selection of secure-fit ear tips and fins in different sizes let you move freely. Whether you want to sit back, lie down or walk around, the TV Clear earbuds will stay comfortably in place without disturbing your viewing pleasure. 

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Sennheiser TV Clear with Transmitter Case

Personalize your experience with the TV Clear App  

TV Clear makes it simple to enjoy its advanced features thanks to its effortless ease of use. Customizing the settings and listening experience is easy with the companion TV Clear App, which guides you through every step. The intuitive touch controls can also be customized according to individual preferences, so the earbuds can be controlled just the way you like. There is even a Find My Earbuds feature that makes them easy to locate.   

TV Clear also features a long-lasting battery that provides up to 15 hours of listening time on a single charge when used with the transmitter. The earbuds can be easily stored and recharged with the compact and stylish charging case to add a further 22 hours – letting you enjoy up to 37 hours of TV entertainment.   

Sennheiser TV Clear True Wireless Earbuds Packaging

Pricing & Availability 

​The Sennheiser TV Clear Set (includes charging case and transmitter) will be available today, August 23, 2022, for:

For more information: Sennheiser.com

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