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Ethik, India’s first premium non-leather fashion brand for men has launched a completely new customer-centric and shopping-friendly website, where they’ve made buying vegan shoes, vegan belts, and vegan wallets a seamless experience within just 3-clicks –
Over 1 billion animals are slaughtered yearly to satisfy the insatiable greed for leather-led fashion, and this primitive choice endangers the only habitual planet as well – through climate change, pollution, land devastation, water contamination, etc. It’s vital for us to start choosing better and adopting a lifestyle that is modern, selfless, and compassionate. For this sole purpose, Ethik promotes its cruelty-free premium fashion accessories that don’t just save billions of animals but also help humans take action towards a sustainable future.
Ethik was among the few selected brands to be featured on Shark Tank India Season 1 in January 2022, where the founders pitched this noble cause to the Sharks, and the brand was unanimously appreciated for its vision and mission. Though they didn’t get an investment, the Sharks gave them some crucial advice – from which the first change that the brand made was to shift to a new, agile, and user-friendly website, where shopping for sustainable fashion being easy, quick, and rewarding was the primary objective.
Commenting on this transition, Pankaj Khabiya, Founder, Ethik stated, “Jugaad. Junoon. Jazba. These were the 3 emotions that we left with after our round with the Sharks, and once we had seen the outpour of love for our brand and our products after the show got aired, we knew that we need to now promote our vision to a larger audience, and cater to the incoming traffic with continuous stock-flow and a website that is going to be fast, seamless, and modern for the customer to shop on. We took a decision of changing our old website, and shifted to on the 11th of June 2022 – and it has already proved to be a successful decision.”
“Building a website at par with the best in the business, the new portal offers easy navigation, niche shopping features, options to compare products, immediate additions to the cart, modern product listings, guest login, 3-click checkout process, loyalty program, referral rewards, and an array of payment options. Riding on the momentum gained after featuring on Shark Tank India, we have ramped up internal marketing efforts to reach newer audiences & wider demographic groups. The new website launch is the first in a long list of strategic milestones earmarked for this year. The Indian audiences are getting a taste of high-quality non-leather premium fashion & it’s paramount to our plans to be accessible at various touch points for our consumers. The ecosystem is ripe for non-leather products to disrupt the status quo & shake the dominance of leather usage for men’s shoes, belts & accessories. Ethik will lead this wave in the days to come,” commented Bharat Ranka, Co-Founder, Ethik.

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