Shawnna is clapping back at Keith Murray, alleging he’s a liar while calling him and his fans “leaf heads” in response to viral clips of him being a proud munch while mentioning her name.

Keith Murray Acts Out Alleged Oral Sex With Shawnna & Foxy Brown

The rap legend sparked controversy and backlash with his recent comments in a viral interview with The Art of Dialogue mentioning the DTP rapper. In the interview, Murray made allegations about sexual encounters he had with fellow rappers Foxy Brown and Shawnna.

“Shawnna was in the bed like this [laid seductively], so I walked up on the bed and I was touching her feet, massaging her,” he said. “Then I started massaging her legs, then boom, I start eating her pu**y.”

Not only did Murray detail his alleged encounter with Shawnna, but during the interview, he acted out what he claimed occurred. This has been met with mixed reactions, with some finding it entertaining and others feeling disgusted by the actions.

Murray’s allegations shocked viewers and have been met with criticism, with many people condemning the 48-year-old for bringing up these alleged private moments decades after they allegedly occurred.

Shawnna Clowns Keith Murray’s Claims, Alleges He’s A ‘Leaf Head’

Shawnna, one of the rappers mentioned by Murray, took to social media to express her thoughts on the matter. She posted a message condemning the gossip.

If y’all here bc of Keith you can gone back home. I know you leaf heads stick together.

Goofy b******, I coulda agreed you dumb mf

In the caption, she added, “Y’all believe anything. Get help.”

Allegations made by Keith Murray have caused a stir in the rap community and have raised questions about the boundaries of privacy and consent. Meanwhile, Shawnna is making a joke of the situation, sharing a remixed clip of the rapper acting out their alleged explicit encounter with a mix of her hit “Gettin’ Some” playing in the background.

Twitter Reacts To Keith Murray’s Bizarre Interviews


The revelations made by Murray have caused a stir on social media, with many people expressing their opinions on the matter. Some have defended Murray, while others have called for an apology from the rap legend for bringing up these private moments.

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