Following the success of its recently opened stores, in the prime retail locations of Bluewater, Lakeside, King’s Road, High Wycombe and Guildford, smart sleep and home brand Sleep.8 continues its mission to bring consumers face-to-face with sleep solutions. The 2.5 design-led store in Westfield Stratford builds upon the momentum as their most technologically advanced store yet, and precedes the grand reopening of their newly renovated boutique King’s Road store.

Launched just as the weather begins to chill and shoppers are keen to refresh their bedrooms with cosier, more comfortable bedding and perhaps consider investing in redecorating their homes before the holiday season. Be it due to daylight savings or plummeting temperatures, Sleep.8, with its innovative and technologically advanced approach to sleep solutions, is determined to help remedy the disturbed sleep of UK consumers by providing products that eliminate and soothe factors that inhibit our best possible night’s sleep. Their Beyosa Dual-Zoned Duvet, S8 Tech Mattress and sumptuous jersey-covered pillows are among their must-have temperature-regulating sleep saviours, with a plethora of versatile year-round options. Smart adjustable electric bed bases and luxury, easy-transformation sofa beds are amongst other exciting innovations offered by the brand which will have pride of place in the tech-focussed Westfield store. The brand is thrilled to introduce its first-ever mattress and pillow selector, helping the customers achieve thier perfect bedtime partner.

Design-led retail

The brand’s mission is to empower shoppers to focus on their own physical and mental wellbeing and get their optimal 8 hours of sleep, every night. The new Stratfield store features a design lounge, allowing customers to tailor the bedroom of their dreams with advice from our in-store experts. Upholstered bedroom furniture and coffee tables provide full interior solutions alongside their upholstered beds, sofa beds and armchairs.

From clever ottoman beds to temperature-controlled ergonomic mattresses, luscious bedding, and dream-inducing sleep aid gadgets, Sleep.8 provides customers with tailored tools designed to improve the sleep environment, enhance rest and soothe those prevalent jagged sleep patterns. These premium products are eco-friendly, hypoallergenic, and plant-based. In the Westfield store, customers will find a pillow gondola featuring 18 different pillow styles, with staff able to guide you through a consultation to match you to your perfect pillow; mattress and sofa testing areas; and a headboard display fixture which showcases the brand’s finest offerings.

Immersive shopping experience

Innovative zoning makes full use of the retail space, allowing for an immersive yet relaxed shopping experience whilst also demonstrating the zoning potentials with Sleep.8’s 360-degree upholstered furniture. They have elevated standard room displays by implementing visually striking wooden house frames which inspire the imagination, and a ‘Mattress Zone’ where customers can truly relax while testing their prospective mattresses. From the designated relaxation area with the luxurious full-body massage chairs and pillow testing gondola, to the Ergomotion adjustable beds where customers can experience the weightlessness of Zero-Gravity sleep, every detail has been carefully considered to produce an enthralling, tranquil retail experience.

Sleep.8 CEO, Musi Chayla, has worked his entire career in retail and is passionate about supporting and revitalising the high street post-Covid. He launched his first shop in Romford in 2020 with the goal of creating a conversation around the importance of prioritising and taking ownership of our sleep. He sees this expansion into larger retail spaces as key to showcasing just what Sleep.8 can deliver to improve a customer’s wellbeing as well as their home interior. Says Chayla: “With our latest bricks and mortar shops, we can really educate consumers about their sleep, which is critical to our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. It’s about creating the connection with the customer and helping them to find the sleep solution that is right for them, such as with our pillow match consultations.

As someone who comes from and believes passionately in retail, it’s been distressing to see job loss, customer service decline and the demise of high street retail. Our online presence is strong but as a brand that believes in the importance of the high street, our priority is to look after our people and customers face-to-face wherever possible. This is the Sleep.8 culture, and it’s important to us that this philosophy is visible to our customers from the moment they step into our new stores.”

With the help of Sleep.8’s expert staff, customers are able to tailor their sleep space to their precise needs. Sleep.8 also has an in-house somnologist who is always on hand for advice or quotes should you be interested. Says Sleep.8’s in-house sleep expert, Ana: “Sleep has an effect on many of our physiological systems, in particular, our cardiovascular system and brain functions. Insufficient or irregular sleep and poor sleep quality can lead to health problems for some and have been associated with poor mental health and anxiety.”

Customers can choose between hybrid, memory foam, and pillow-topped mattresses, following personal advice from a Sleep.8 consultant. Beds and mattresses are of premium comfort standards, including a large selection of body-contouring mattresses, designed to provide appropriate soothing sensations to ensure rejuvenating sleep, night after night. Sleep.8 combines the latest technology – including NASA-pioneered materials – with innovative design, to deliver ingenious and pioneering sleep solutions.


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