The CI loudspeaker market exploded during the pandemic and it is not hard to understand why consumers gravitated to architectural loudspeakers that made being stuck at home less traumatic. We spent a lot of time outdoors on the Shore with everything shuttered and our outdoor loudspeakers were used a lot as we spent many mornings working remotely outside on our deck and watching movies with the kids at night who were completely isolated from friends and family on the backyard movie theater.

Focal jumped into the outdoor loudspeaker category in 2022 with multiple loudspeakers that are designed to be used on the patio or in marine settings where the elements might not be so forgiving.

Sonus faber Aster Outdoor Speaker

The Sonus faber Aster are the Italian manufacturer’s first outdoor loudspeaker and were designed for the home, restaurants, hotels, museums, and retail locations.

In tune with the Sonus faber design language, the Aster is organically shaped, slim, and streamlined to fit elegantly into any outdoor environment. The symmetrical positioning of the two lateral passive radiators guarantees rich bass immersion, a surreal listening experience.

Sonus faber Aster Outdoor Speaker White

As the brand’s first endeavor into outdoor speakers, the Aster is user-friendly for any audio system expert or novice. Its mounting bracket system offers easy installation and the spring mechanism inside the cabinet allows the installer to tilt the speaker in small 15-degree increments without having to adjust the system with a screw.

“Sonus faber has always represented more than just a product for me. It is a way of seeing things, but above all an acoustic and aesthetic philosophy in which to identify,” says McIntosh Group Chief Design Officer, Livio Cucuzza. “Why limit yourself to only indoor listening? Aster interprets the desire to expand the horizons of Sonus faber and offer moments of pure sound enjoyment outdoors and in public spaces.”

Sonus faber Aster Outdoor Speaker Side

IP65 certified, the Aster’s structure and functionality is unimpacted by rain or dust.

Availability & Pricing

The Aster will be available through Authorized Sonus faber Dealers in Spring 2023 for an MSRP of $450 USD.

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