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Strand Life Sciences Launches ‘Strand Genomic’ for Preventive Wellness


Strand’s new offering will help people better understand and manage diseases through genomic sequencing. 

Strand Life Sciences, a genomics-based research and diagnostics company, has launched ‘Strand Genomic Wellness’, a new line of genomic-based tests for preventive wellness. Launched at Bengaluru Tech Summit, this new offering from Strand can help individuals understand and manage their disease better.

As the first offering of the program, Strand has introduced the ‘Genomic Health Insight’ report to help individuals understand how their personal genomic variations might influence their risk for a broad range of diseases with 30-100% heritability. This knowledge can help individuals work with their doctors to manage their risk with proactive wellness measures.

A recent study published by Mayo Clinic Proceedings indicates that nearly 1 in 8 people who underwent predictive genomic testing found that they had a genetic risk for a health condition and may be able to manage it better with preventive care. Rising adoption of healthier lifestyles and increasing awareness of new healthcare programs and advancements are expected to drive increasing demand for predictive genetic testing .

Commenting on the new launch, Dr. Ramesh Hariharan, CEO & Co-Founder, Strand Life Sciences, said, “We are excited to bring our 22 years of experience in Genomics and Bioinformatics to help individuals use genomics-based insights to proactively manage their wellness. Genomics is advancing at a breakneck pace, and the Genomic Wellness initiative will bring these advances to the Indian consumer, beginning with inherited insights and eventually covering evolving insights that reflect the dynamic of the ageing body

Strand’s new Genomic Health Insight screening offers the following benefits:

  • It helps understand the risk of developing certain inherited diseases that manifest later in life
  • It helps identify risks to progeny
  • It helps individuals work with their clinicians to make lifestyle changes and adopt necessary preventive measures to lower their risk and that of their progeny
  • It provides a catalogue of genomic variants in ~20,000 genes for life and access to new research findings on these variations, as and when they arise. 

As a part of the new launch, and in order for families to understand their risks more comprehensively, Strand will also be offering a limited number of free Genomic Health Insight reports for parents of any adult choosing to get one for themselves.

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About Strand Life Sciences

Strand Life Sciences is a genomics-based research and diagnostics company that combines a long track record in bioinformatics with cutting-edge laboratory assays and a vast hospital partner network to drive newer generations of patient care. Strand’s customers include global instrument, diagnostic and pharmaceutical companies. Strand is also a pioneer of genomic testing in India. Strand’s long global bioinformatics track record makes it the most trusted company for genomic diagnostics in the areas of oncology, rare diseases, women’s health, and infectious diseases.


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