Juan Auribus of Auribus Acoustics was kind enough to show us the latest iteration of his open-back headphone, in the Mt. Everest. The headphone has been shown at a couple of shows of late, and he teamed with Mike of beachhifi for a showing in the Beach HiFi booth, across from ours in T.H.E. Headphonium area. 

The Skinny

Auribus Acoustics Mt. Everest Open-back Headphones with eCoustics Mug at T.H.E. Headphonium

Made from a matrix of aluminum and other material, the casing has a distinctive burnished look to it. Juan told me that what I was calling a “patina-like” aging, was actually steel wool used to smooth any impurities or blemishes in the material (to my eyes, there weren’t any) since this was essentially a nearly-finished prototype. Using Dekoni pads, of which many varieties were sent, along with a headband from Audeze, the fit to me was light with good clamping pressure. Not too tight, not too loose.

The driver is a papercone-based model of which Juan has spent much time refining for his preferred signature. In fact, between Saturday and Sunday he modified the mids a bit, and was gracious enough to let us listen again before I had to leave. The beauty of the open back casing was that you could see all of the inside material, and it looked far from prototype to me. Juan also mentioned he had spent a good amount of time fine tuning the baffling to ensure an accurate sound signature, based upon his tastes. Fitted with 3.5se jacks into the headphone and the same at the business end, the cable was of unknown brand (I did not ask). It worked for me. 

Auribus Acoustics Mt. Everest Open-back Headphones with Astell&Kern KANN MAX DAP

The Sound

I will admit that from the first listen, even in the bubbling midday Headphonium atmosphere of Saturday, I was impressed with the bass expression, which mimicked similarly priced (projected at $685) headphones from other brands. Mids did sound a slight bit flat to me, or rather set behind the rest. This was changed for the Sunday listening, to my liking. The upper end was quite pleasant without reaching beyond limits, which could have made for a harsh sounding treble note. 

As this was a less than ideal listening environment, I nonetheless came away impressed with the tuning Juan presented us, especially the change into Sunday. He did mention to us that he would most likely change the tuning a bit more dependent upon user interactions next week at CanJam in Chicago. After that he hopes to get further feedback from a select few before the final iteration. Look for that in the future.

I came away impressed with Juan’s knowledge, and the desire to produce a top quality headphone at an affordable price. To me this is pretty much the sweet spot for headphone offerings, which give you a dynamic listen while keeping the price within reason. We happened to have another brand at T.H.E. Show at this price, and to me it compared favorably. 

You can pre-order the unit now if you believe in the project for $685 at the site listed below. 

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