One of the highlights of the T.H.E. Show in Long Beach was getting to meet legendary mastering engineer, Kevin Gray. He was onsite for a public interview on-stage hosted by our very own podcast producer, Mitch Anderson. The taped conversation will soon be released as an eCoustics podcast.

After the interview, Mitch accompanied Kevin to the exhibitor rooms. I subsequently learned Kevin brought a surprise for Mitch. It was his test pressing of Kirsten Edkins, unreleased upcoming album, Shapes & Sounds. It will be the first release under Kevin’s new label, Cohearent Records. Little did I know I would soon be hearing the first public demonstration of the album.

A text arrived from Mitch, “Gonna try to find a room to put on Kevin’s test pressing. Room 421.”

Text Message Screenshot from Mitch Anderson

Up to the fourth floor I darted, where I was graciously greeted by Lenny Mayeux of MoFi Distribution who was overseeing a stunning room of ultra high-end audio by Sunny Components.

The audio system included Stenheim Alumine 5 SE Loudspeakers, CH Precision 1 Series Electronics L1, P1, M 1.1 Mono Block Amplifiers, C1 DAC, and D 1.5 SACD/MQA/CD Player (USA Premier). Plus a Brinkmann Audio Balance Turntable, AudioQuest Dragon Speaker, Power and Interconnects (New), Harmonic Resolution Systems Inc. Audio stands, Damping Plates, Vortex feet and Helix.

My guess is the total system priced out around $300,000. Probably more.

Some exhibitors are generally cautious about introducing unknown factors, but Lenny couldn’t have been nicer and soon had it spinning.

Sunny Components Room 421 at T.H.E. Show 2022
Jeremy Sikora, aka @budget_audiophiler gets his chance at the center seat.

Somehow I ended up in the sweet spot center seat.

Not only did I get to hear the unveiling of an incredible new album from an amazing artist, I got to experience sonic nirvana on a high-end audio system few get a chance to experience.

I captured some of it from my iPhone, as something told me to archive this moment.

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