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Founded in 1927, Ethnikos Alexandroupolis V.C. is one of the most successful and consistent volleyball teams in the country. It has performed for more than 40 seasons in the A1 Greek Volleyleague. This is the top volleyball level in the country. The 1xBet India website has top online cricket betting odds from all kinds of matches, and volleyball fans can also be greatly benefited from these rates.

The Successful Ethnikos Alexandroupolis V.C.

Music and sports

As said before, Ethnikos Alexandroupolis was founded back in 1927. Initially it was established as a music club, but also as an entity where many sports could be played. One of them was volleyball. The squad was initially disbanded in 1937. However, in 1947 it was reestablished. You will be able to get a fast win – 1xBet bookmaker can be visited now in order to try wagers on Greek volleyball.

Some of the other sports where this club developed included:

  • football;
  • basketball;
  • and table tennis.
The 1970s was a decade of consolidation for the club. In this period they obtained some good results in the domestic league. The modern version of Ethnikos Alexandroupolis is a fantastic squad to get a fast win with the 1xBet bookmaker and its possibilities.

It obtained some league titles and good participation overall throughout this decade. Additionally, this was the period in which they participated in the CEV Cup Winner’s Cup for the first time. This was the very first occasion in which this Greek club played in a European competition.

Returning to Europe

Between the 1980s and the 2000s Ethnikos Alexandroupolis didn’t have the best performances. However, they started to take-off again during the 2010s. They secured some good participation in the domestic Volleyleague. The best sports betting sites for volleyball in India are those offered by 1xBet, where the Greek Volleyleague is also available.

Additionally, they returned to European tournaments in 2013. In that edition they took part in the CEV Cup and also in the CEV Challenge Cup.

The Greek Volleyball Cup and the Volleyball League Cup are other competitions where the team has seen some success. They have reached the final on a number of occasions. The best sports betting sites in India for volleyball wagers are the ones offered by 1xBet, and they also feature all matches played by Ethnikos Alexandroupolis.


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