Luxury handbag designer Isaac Moore is known for his upscale handbag unboxings among celebrities like Jamie Foxx, Jim Jones, and Trina.

However, the luxury designer is now being called out for scamming hundreds of thousands of dollars from Black investors.

Victims Come Forward After Doing Business With Moore, Who Calls Accusations Completely False

Successful Black investors like Jodi Lewis, Rosa Ruffin, and Anthony Beverly claim to have signed contracts with Moore, sent thousands of dollars in investments for shows that never happened, and then gotten blocked!

Isaac Moore and his attorney claim that the accusations against him are completely false, despite the fact that a number of pending cases against him were also discovered in Harris County, Texas, related to theft of funds and stealing from not only business entities, but also from individuals.

Could this be a miscommunication between business partners? Or an elaborate scam that’s slowly unraveling?

The Shade Room investigates…

“We’ve actually had people lose $170,000, people that lost $80,000, others $40,000,” alleged victim Jodi Lewis told TSR Investigates’ Justin Carter. “It’s just been ridiculous.”

Lewis, like others, was captivated by Moores’ unboxing experiences, wherein celebs like Kodak Black and Jamie Foxx get custom designed boxes containing one of Moores’ luxury items.

One Victim Was Shocked After Moore Himself Asked Her To Invest To Promote New Bag Collection

She says she purchased one for a friend, but she didn’t expect Isaac Moore to reach out to her personally after she paid for it.

He wanted her to invest in a showcase to promote a new line of his luxury bags for a collection called “Space City.”

“He said he had a show in May, and after that show he would return my investment and then we would work out some kind of profit-sharing, Lewis said.

Pictured: An agreement drafted up between a victim and Isaac Moore.

She owns and operates a public relations firm, so she saw an opportunity to work with a trendy and new luxury bag designer.

She figured Moore already had money based off his celebrity connections, which was enough for her to make up her mind and invest.

Moore and Lewis signed an agreement and the showcase was scheduled for May 29, 2022.

“He’s A Scammer, A Con Artist,” Alleged Victim Says Of Luxury Bag Designer Isaac Moore

But Moore suddenly cancelled, she says. He rescheduled several times, but when December came around, still no show.

She quickly learned Moore had blocked her, and hasn’t received a penny back ever since.

“He’s a scammer, a con artist, this is what he does,” Lewis said.

And the same thing happened to Rosa Ruffin a year earlier. Ruffin was one of the first to file a police report over the matter in her native Houston.

She says at first, he tried to ask for $175,000, She eventually settled on sending $13,000, and has never heard from nor received any money from Moore as of this article’s publication.

Lawyer Uncovers Dirt On Moore, Including Arrests For Theft, Having 4 Different Social Security Numbers

A lawyer hired to represent one of the victims uncovered that Moore had been arrested for theft in 2020, after allegedly passing along a bad check to a Maserati dealership for car repairs.

Further investigation found Moore had four different social security numbers and six different dates of birth.

“I trusted him and went with my heart,” Anthony Beverly, another alleged victim, told TSR Investigates. “I was wrong (to do so).”

Ironically enough, Moore does have a scheduled date for his next collection, but it remains unclear how or if any profits will go back to his scorned investors.

Pictured: Isaac Moore (Courtesy of Instagram)

His attorney would only offer “there’s way more to the story than what’s being told,” but declined to elaborate any further.

A statement provided to The Shade Room characterized the victims as being interested more in spreading a smear campaign against Moore than any kind of monetary gain.

The victims say there are at least 10 more like themselves who have been conned by Moore. They intend on filing a full lawsuit by the end if the month.


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