Alpine has announced a free software update for select head units that enables support for the TIDAL streaming music service. Models receiving the software update include the new Alpine Halo11 iLX-F511, the Alpine Halo9 iLX-F509, the iLX-507, and Jeep-specific radios i509-WRA-JK and i509-WRA-JL.

Once updated, compatible Alpine head unit customers can access the high-res streaming experience with TIDAL, accessing its catalog of over 90 million songs and 450,000 videos.

For TIDAL HiFi and HiFi Plus Members, they’ll get lossless audio and high-fidelity music options for superior sound quality that elevates the music experience. TIDAL Masters, delivered in partnership with Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), allows HiFi Plus Members to listen to music exactly as the artist intended the track to sound. With thousands of expertly curated playlists customers will be able to listen to all genres and discover new artists via TIDAL Rising. 

Alpine is the first aftermarket car audio company with full TIDAL integration. 

How it works

The Alpine head units work via TIDAL Connect and WiFi. That means you will need to connect the Alpine head unit to WiFi, either via tethering from your smartphone or from the car itself (if built-in).

Then all playback is controlled from the TIDAL app pre-installed on the head unit.

The available content is based on your account favorites and TIDAL’s promoted material (New Releases, Curated Playlists etc). You can’t use TIDAL offline, which means there’s no access to account caching.

Customers can access to select TIDAL features directly on the head unit, including “My Mix,” a personalized curation of sound based on listening history, expertly curated playlists, and individualized daily listening insights. The TIDAL feature also has convenient access to music controls like Play/Pause, Repeat, Shuffle, Playing List, and Search, where listeners can browse through featured artists, genres, “moods,” and more.

Units are capable of MQA Core decoding when playing TIDAL Masters.

Using trickle-down technology from Alpine’s new High-Res line; Ultra AlpineF#1Status (64-bit/384kHz) and the Alpine Status System (24-bit/192kHz), Alpine’s new line of head units are able to playback and decode 24-bit/96kHz files.

Video Demonstration

This video provides a very good overview of all features of current model Alpine head units, including new TIDAL integration. The TIDAL segment start around 8:15 in the video.

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Download the software update and follow the instructions at The TIDAL app is available on the App Store or Google Play. A TIDAL subscription is required and sold separately. To access TIDAL on the Alpine Head Unit, the head unit must be tethered to a mobile or smartphone hotspot. Data rates may apply. 

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