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The teenage son of a popular TikTok star Mama Tot was shot to death during a weed deal gone wrong in Alabama last week, according to authorities.

Mama Tot, who’s real name is Ophelia Nichols and who has over 7.6 million followers on the social media platform, took to TikTok on Saturday after details emerged regarding her 18-year-old son Randon Lee’s death last Friday night.

Lee was reportedly selling marijuana to two people at a gas station in the city of Prichard, just outside of Mobile, when one of the two customers pulled out a gun and shot him, according to the New York Daily News.

Shot To Death During Drug Deal, Two Suspects Identified

Prichard Police Detective Jason Hadaway confirmed to reporters on Monday that there were drugs found inside Lee’s car, and added that they have identified two suspects but have yet to publicly identify them as of Thursday.

“There (were) narcotics found in the vehicle whenever the crime scene unit processed the scene,” Hadaway said. “The suspects in the black vehicle got inside the victim’s vehicle. We know there was one shot. The suspect got out of the victim’s vehicle with a handgun and got back into his black vehicle and took off.”

TikTok Star Pleads With 7.6 Million Followers To Share Any Info Regarding Son’s Shooting Death


You will be found! You will reap what you sow in this world. You may not be caught now but its coming. I hope you see my sons face eveyday of your life

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Nichols choked back tears as she pleaded with her nearly eight million followers to help her get justice for her son, who was selling marijuana unbeknownst to her. The 40-year-old mother and social media influencer revealed she learned of her son’s drug dealing activities from police in the wake of his death.

She added that the two suspects either robbed or tried to rob her son during the alleged deal.

My son was murdered. He was shot, and I have this hatred in my heart that I don’t recognize because I’ve never felt hate for anybody.”  “You will be found!,” she said.”You will reap what you sow in this world. You may not be caught now but its coming. I hope you see my sons face everyday of your life.”

Police have not made any arrests as of Thursday. An investigation into the deadly shooting is ongoing, police said.

Lee was killed a day before his 19th birthday, according to WVTM 13.

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