The NFL season is due to start in a few months. For football fans, there are many things to look forward to. For one, betting on some NFL odds, which many people have missed doing for a while. Two, the return of Tom Brady, the GOAT, for his 23rd season in the NFL after initially announcing the end of his career sometime in February.

Speaking of Tom Brady and his highly decorated career over the past 22 seasons, he has always given his fans and audience unforgettable moments to relish. Here are the top 5 moments of his career as we anticipate more memorable moments this upcoming season.


The 28-3 Comeback At The Super Bowl LI

Words cannot accurately describe the events which unfolded in Super Bowl LI. However, many football fans will always remember 28-3. The performance that night isn’t just Brady’s most remarkable but is arguably one of the greatest achievements of all time in the sport.

When facing a 25-point deficit against Atlanta, many Patriots fans would have lost hope because it seemed the game was over. But Brady knew better. He rallied the Patriots to four straight scoring drives to level the game at 28-28 at the end of the regulation.

In the overtime, the Patriots won the coin toss, and Brady came through again, making five passing completions on his way to secure the victory, making the biggest comeback ever in the history of the Super Bowl.


First Super Bowl Win In 2001

Tom Brady’s first Super Bowl victory should definitely rank as one of the top moments of his career. Brady had exited the AFC championship that year with a leg injury but still had to be called upon to play in the Super Bowl.

This decision paid off because Brady helped the Patriots build a 17-3 lead. Before the game time elapsed, Brady once again rose to the occasion and completed five passes to help the Patriots get into the field-goal range, which they fully utilized to nail a 48-yard field goal.


Undefeated Season in 2007

The Patriots were unstoppable in 2007 after acquiring Randy Moss. They didn’t just win games; they crushed their opponents. The Patriots didn’t just complete the 2007 season undefeated; they opened the season with eight straight victories, scoring 34+ points in each game, all thanks to the greatest quarterback ever.

However, they didn’t succeed in going down as the greatest team ever as they were defeated in Super Bowl XLII. Regardless, the 2007 season surely has a position in the history of the NFL.


201 Career Wins for Tom Brady

The victory against the LA Rams on the 4th of December, 2016, saw Brady setting another record in history. That day, he made his 201st victory becoming the NFL’s all-time winningest quarterback. It’s amazing that five years after he broke the record, nobody is even close to winning as many games as he has. 


First Year With The Buccaneers 

Everyone knew any team with Tom Brady would be a title contender. So, all eyes were on the Buccaneers when Brady opted to sign with them in 2020. Brady had already won six titles before that victory, so it wasn’t a new achievement for him. What made this winning outstanding was him going to a new team and winning a championship in the first year. 


Final Notes

From the top 5 moments of Tom Brady’s career discussed above, you can clearly see that the title “GOAT” is well suited for him. As we look forward to his reappearance in the next season, we hope he continues with his winning ways.

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