Nearly 40,000 Tory Lanez fans and counting have signed a petition to appeal last week’s guilty verdict in the rapper’s Meg Thee Stallion shooting case, in an effort to help him avoid prison time.

The Change.org petition, which surfaced shortly after Lanez was convicted on Friday of shooting Meg, called out the jury as well as the music industry as a whole, while specifically naming the likes of Jay-Z and RocNation as a part of a potential conspiracy against the Canadian rapper.

Petition Created To Appeal Tory Lanez Guilty Verdict, Supporters Call Trial “A Circus” While Slamming “Irresponsible” Jury

The creator of the petition, which has exactly 36,534 signatures at the time of this article’s publication, even suggested that Lanez was a sacrificial lamb that was offered up to do a solid for Black women.


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