It’s been a week since police handcuffed Tory Lanez inside a courtroom and booked him at the Los Angeles County jail. After two days of deliberations, a jury found the Canadian rapper guilty of all charges in his assault case.

Key evidence prosecutors used in the trial, including a recorded jail call from Tory to Megan’s ex-best friend Kelsey Harris, have been released online.

The call happened in July 2020–just hours after Tory shot Megan Thee Stallion. Though the audio has been a hot topic, including Lanez’s unspecific apologies,  officials hadn’t released it to the public. YouTuber Nique At Nite has now exclusively released the jail call, bodycam footage of Megan in the ambulance, and audio of the shooting from a nearby home.

“I know she probably never ever ever gon’ talk to me ever again, but bruh, I just want you to know bruh, I was just so f*****g drunk, and I ain’t even know what the f**k was going on,” Lanez allegedly says. “I’d never ever do some sh*t like that, bruh.”

The man repeatedly says he was ‘drunk’ and didn’t know what was going on. He added:

“Regardless, that’s not gon make anything right, and that’s not gon make my actions right, bro, but I’m just deeply sorry bruh. I never even move like that bruh.”

A woman believed to be Kelsey and Lanez’s then agreed that the night was “a whole lot.” 

Lanez Doesn’t Mention A Shooting But Says He Doesn’t Remember What Sparked An Argument  

As the call continued, Lanez repeatedly apologized and tried to explain the night of the shooting–again, he never used that specific word.

“What happened, happened already, bruh. I can’t take it back, bruh, so I’m just telling y’all I’m sorry, bruh,” he said.

Lanez added that when he arrived at “the house,” seemingly referencing the gathering at Kylie Jenner’s house, a woman immediately gave him five shots. Then, he admits that he doesn’t even recall what their argument was about.

A few seconds after, Lanez asks about what hospital Megan was in. During testimony, the jury learned that an ambulance transported Meg to the hospital. Meanwhile, Kelsey, Tory, and his driver Jaquan Smith went to the police station.

In the call recording, Lanez asks Kelsey to “figure out what you got to do to bail [him] out.” And then, Kelsey warns him that the story is already coming out, and he responds by saying that he’s going to get the backlash, not Megan.

“It is what it is, regardless if I get out of here today or not, I just wanna let y’all know I’m sorry bruh, I would’ve never did that sh*t if I wasn’t that drink,” he says.

Bodycam Footage Of Megan Thee Stallion Sobbing In Ambulance Released

Along with the audio of the jail call, Nique At Nite released bodycam footage of Megan Thee Stallion sobbing inside an ambulance. Meg was sniffling and taking deep inhales in between loud cries–when the camera panned over to her, she was lying on a stretcher with a face mask on. The timestamp on the footage says July 12, 2020.

Nique At Nite also released home security camera footage of the gunshots that night. Only the shots are heard because the audio came from inside a home–so only the gunshots were loud enough. SWIPE the slide above to listen and


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