NFL star Travis Kelce denies rumors that his relationship with influencer Kayla Nicole ended last year because he was cheap.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end recently sat down for an interview on The Pivot podcast, where he slammed the assumption that he only gave her $100 throughout their relationship and made her pay half on dates.

Rumors about Kelce being a miser surfaced online after several gossip pages claimed to have intel on Kelce’s alleged tight pockets. Despite Kelce and Nicole’s efforts to put the rumors to rest, some media outlets, such as Barstool Sports, continued to report on the allegations. In an article, Barstool Sports reported,

“In the 5 years they dated he apparently made Kayla Nicole split every bill, dinner, trip, etc. The intention was for her to prove she wasn’t just in it for the money and actually liked him.”

Kayla Nicole previously tried to end the rumors on her own. On May 28th of last year, she tweeted, “Not sure where y’all got this nonsense from, but it’s absurd and very false.”

Travis Kelce Says He & Kayla Nicole Helped Each Other Financially During Five-Year Relationship

Hosts of The Pivot asked the athlete about the rumors, and Kelce firmly denied them, stating,

“Man, how crazy is that?…Don’t buy into that sh*t.”


He explained that Nicole had a financially stable career and that the couple often helped each other out financially. Kelce added,

“I would never say that I was supporting her. She had a very financially stable life in what she was doing in her career. You’ve got to be crazy if you think I’d never helped or gave her a couple [of] dollars to grab some food or she gave me some money…We were in a relationship for five years. A hundred dollars here and hundred dollars there wasn’t even thought about…which is ridiculous.”

Kelce also jokingly added,

“The ‘City Boys’ thought we had us one, didn’t we?” in reference to the rumors being spread.

Peep it around the 41-minute mark:


Kayla Nicole Complained She Couldn’t Afford Designer Clothes Before Break Up

Travis Kelce and his ex Kalya Nicole caused an uproar on Twitter in 2021, after Kayla seemingly complained about not being able to afford designer clothing on an Instagram story post. In the now-deleted posts, Kayla revealed that she barely could afford shopping at Zara.

Fans tweeted at the baller, assuming he didn’t support his lady financially until he clapped back with, “stop acting like I don’t take care of my baby girl!!”

Kelce has made $64 million over 10 NFL seasons. He is set to earn another $42.5 million over the next three. He is also a three-time first-team All-Pro, eight-time Pro Bowler, and won a Super Bowl with Kansas City in 2020.


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