Last month, Trey Songz was again at the center of allegations of violence against a woman. The singer has racked up a slew of sexual assault claims against him. This year alone, Trey faced a now-dismissed $20 million lawsuit for anal rape and another dismissed sexual assault investigation in Las Vegas.

In the alleged recent incident, Trey repeatedly punched a woman in the face inside a bowling alley bathroom. Then, he allegedly dragged the same woman by her hair. TMZ first reported the story last month, but the beatdown occurred in October, per NYPD sources who say the victim filed her report in late October.

Following the incident, the woman received treatment at a hospital. Police say she had “visible minor injuries,” per TMZ.

A new report from the same outlet says Trey voluntarily turned himself into the police at a New York station. Officials reportedly booked the singer, gave him a desk appearance ticket for assault, and released him.

In New York City, a desk appearance ticket is basically an order to appear in court for an arraignment. That arraignment date remains unknown at this time.

New Details! Trey Songz Accused Of Punching TWO People At The Bowling Alley

Trey’s volunteer surrender also brought new information to light. In addition to allegedly beating a woman at the bowling alley, he reportedly also attacked a man. The unidentified man claims Trey landed a punch on his eye, but he refused medical treatment at the time.

It’s unclear what led to the alleged physical altercations or whether the victims were at the bowling alley with Trey. At the time this article was published, none of the victims had come forward on social media or elsewhere.

However, his lawyer Mitch Schuster seems to think his client’s name will soon be cleared.

“We have been proactively communicating with NY law enforcement, the DA, and all those involved,” Schuster said. “While we will respectfully and proactively work through all the appropriate channels, we are confident that Trey will be fully cleared of any wrong doing.”


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