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Twitter Cuts Up After Boosie Calls Jay-Z Musically Irrelevant


Less than a month after 21 Savage faced backlash for saying Nas is “not relevant,” Boosie is making similar comments about Jay-Z.

Boosie Says It’s All About Jay’s Hustle—NOT His Music

It all went down during Boosie’s recent sit-down with VladTV. After DJ Vlad brought up how he sees Jay-Z as “the only” rapper over 50 who can still be “up there with the Lil Babys and Kendricks” in terms of mainstream popularity, Boosie had some things to say.

The Baton Rouge rapper unapologetically offered another perspective, as he said he doesn’t think Hov is relevant in this musical era.

“Jay-Z’s not relevant this day for music.”

He went on to touch on 21 Savage’s aforementioned comments about Nas, saying that there’s no way Jay-Z is musically relevant if the “N.Y. State of Mind” rapper isn’t.

“If you gon’ say Jay-Z relevant and Nas ain’t relevant, no.”

Boosie explained his rationale by sharing that he doesn’t see people getting lit to Jay or Nas when he’s “outside.”

“When I go to these clubs in Atlanta, these 25-to-35 clubs, I’m not hearin’ Nas, [and] I’m not hearing’ Jay-Z…I’m in the city. I’m outside—I be everywhere.”

The “Wipe Me Down” rapper then offered another perspective, as he shared that Jay-Z is more presently admired for his business hustle rather than his discography.

“Jay-Z is respected by these people for being that boss that he is. When Jay-Z flash ‘cross that motherf**ker, it’s somethin’ with a billion dollars. It’s somethin’ with a $500 billion, $200 billion…It ain’t no song slashin’ ‘cross social media. It’s his hustle!”

He summed up his thoughts by simply stating that he’s only keeping it real. Boosie also reasserted that he’s speaking on relevance as opposed to sales after DJ Vlad continued to disagree with his stance.

“I’m not finna say that I hear Jay-Z in the club, and I don’t hear Nas…Jay-Z not getting played, and Nas not getting played. I’m telling you the truth, bro. One is not over the other as far as relevance, as far as what I see in the clubs and s**t.”

Twitter Overwhelmingly Sides With Boosie

Understandably, Boosie’s comments swiftly began to circulate online, and Twitter users got in on the conversation.

The debate quickly turned into match-up between the rappers—and most were on Boosie’s side.

Of course, there were some hip hop heads who firmly disagreed with Boosie’s comments.

However, the vast majority of people speaking on the matter shut this stance down.

There were also some other subjects that came up, such as how people should be bumpin’ holiday jams rather than debating over club bops.

Additionally, one user called for both sides to unite and take aim against another rapper: Eminem.

Some even wrote the situation off as an effort for Boosie to secure a Jay-Z collab.

What are your thoughts on Boosie’s comments, and do you think he’s more “relevant” in today’s music than Jay-Z?


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