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Velodyne Subwoofers Are Coming Back: CEDIA 2022


Before home theater enthusiasts had a plethora of subwoofer options, there was one brand that dominated the category in the 1980s and 1990s. Velodyne Acoustics capitalized on a surge in demand for subwoofers and their award-winning products could be found in hundreds of dealer showrooms.

The brand dominated the specialty subwoofer category for years, but mysteriously fell out of favor with home theater enthusiasts in 2011 and vanished.

In 2019, Audio Reference, which is based in Germany, purchased the business which included over 200 of their patents.

Origin Acoustics, one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of CI loudspeakers and audio systems, announced at CEDIA 2022 that is has been appointed the exclusive U.S. importer and distributor for Velodyne Acoustics.

Thomas Wolff, Export Sales Manager for Velodyne Acoustics, said, “We are excited to bring Velodyne Acoustics back to the US where the brand started. The brand was iconic in the states and adored by the Custom Channel and 2-channel resellers alike. We have been looking for the right partner that could bring Velodyne Acoustics back, and there is no doubt Origin Acoustics will do a great job. This is incredible for both companies, and most importantly, for the dealers who have enjoyed the brand for many years.”

Origin Acoustics will offer the entire line in the US market, which will be supported by their national sales team and rep partners. The product line consists of over 30 subwoofer models, along with several amplifiers, most of which are newly designed.

Velodyne Acoustics’ wide range of products covers most price points for both music and movie applications. Some of the special products in the line are the MicroVee X series, a new version of the widely successful MicroVee compact subwoofer product.

Roughly the size of a 9” cube, the MicroVee X has 800 watts of dynamic power and will play down to 18Hz utilizing a 6.5” high excursion carbon fiber driver and two side-mounted passive radiators.

Other offerings include their Digital Drive Plus line of sealed enclosed subwoofers, available in 10”, 12”, 15” and 18” models with up to 3,000 watts of power and capable of playing down to 10Hz. Many models come with DSP amplifiers, which make proper set up very simple.

Velodyne’s DB-12 Subwoofer has already become an award-winning product overseas earning the “Subwoofer of the Year Over $1,500” from Sound and Image.

Origin Acoustics will have inventory in stock and shipping around early November 2022.

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