CES 2023 (Consumer Electronics Show) was an interesting and important show for a myriad of reasons; it was the first post-pandemic version of the world’s biggest CE event that didn’t require masks and buckets of sanitizer. Vendors felt rather upbeat about the attendance and media coverage, and there were a few surprises when it comes to the TV segment that we feel created some speculation about the availability of new products.

The show was certainly smaller in regard to the number of exhibitors that showcased the latest innovation in the LVCC, but there were also a surprising number off-site vendors and private demonstrations.

Although CES covers far more than just audio and video, our specific focus was on hi-fi, home theater, headphones, TVs and projectors. We spent four days scouring the show floor in addition to attending some exclusive events off-site.

In order to report what caught our attention, eCoustics Founder & CEO, Brian Mitchell talks with both Emiko and Robert Silva in two separate livestream videos that were recorded earlier this week once we returned.

Part 1

Hi-Fi & Headphones

Part 2

Home Theater, TVs & Projectors

What was missing from CES?

TVs have historically been one of the main draws at CES year after year. However this year was different. TVs from Samsung, LG and Sony were strangely not on the show floor. Instead, Samsung and LG offered private pre-CES demos of their flagship models, with each trying to one-up the other separately but not in public. Meanwhile Sony didn’t show a single TV. Fortunately, Hisense and TCL showcased their 2023 Mini LED TV lineups.

Is this a pandemic blip, or is a large shakeup in the TV market forthcoming? Will the new 2023 TVs be delayed? Is it a supply chain problem or panel issue?

Hisense and TCL came to CES 2023 with a truckload of new technology and both brands seem very well positioned to take market share from LG and Samsung in N. America.

Hisense is now #2 worldwide in TV shipments and we left the show with very positive impressions of their high-end TVs and UST lineup. Their new partnership with Leica and other brands did not go unnoticed by the media.

High-end audio was not well represented and that’s the continuation of a trend; manufacturers are utilizing their resources to tap into regional markets in N America, Europe, and Asia by attending smaller shows or focusing on Munich.

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Although the global earphone/headphone market is estimated to surpass $33 billion in a few years, a very small number of headphone makers demonstrated their wares.

The focus on drones, robotics, health, connected home, and mobile technology has pushed high-end audio/video away for the most part.

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