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Video Shows August Alsina Curved Tory Lanez’s Greeting, DA Investigates


Tory Lanez might be in hot water with Los Angeles authorities following an alleged altercation with August Alsina. According to Complex, the district attorney’s office has launched an investigation after August made claims online about an attack. Not only did Alsina post paragraphs accusing Tory, but he also released bloodied images of his face, knee, and arm.

“We are aware of the allegations that the defendant attacked artist August Alsina and are investigating these claims,” the DA’s office told Complex. “The allegations are serious and will be thoroughly examined.”

Tory denied August’s claims with a post on social media. Then, he doubled down during a live-streamed interview. But early Monday (September 19), a video surfaced of August swerving Tory’s attempt to greet him–confirming in part his detailed story of being assaulted.

August Claims Tory And His Security Attacked Him Over A Dap

Alsina posted a photo of his bloodied face to Instagram over the weekend. In the image, the artist closed his eyes and cocked his head to the side while leaning against an elevator wall. A thick stream of blood was dripping from his bottom lip.

“As I’m exiting the building after the show last night, A 4’11 sized leprechaun ran down on me w/ 8 oversized security n–s, whom I greeted each individually upon their walk up as they tried to press me. Whole time, I’m one deep. No security,” August wrote in his caption.”Tory continues to ask w/ a broken ego why I didn’t dap him up, I go on to tell him.. I was a fan of him and didn’t understand him speaking on my business publicly In the past, because I don’t know him or ever met him until last night. So when he spoke it caught me off guard because of his past actions, I assumed he didn’t like me, that’s all.”

August Says Doctor Recommended Limited Physical Contact, Tory Seemingly Responds To Claims

Resurfaced footage on social media points to a 2020 video of Tory rapping lyrics saying he would not have snitched on Jada like August. You’ll recall August spilled about his entanglement with Jada Pinkett-Smith in 2020.

However, August said in the post that he refused the handshake for health reasons. He said his doctor advised him to “shake as less hands as possible” with Covid-19 and Monkeypox still looming.” The artist also insisted there was never any disrespect, but Tory attacked him nonetheless.

“Never any disrespectful words were exchanged, so i was a bit confused at how somehow he turnt him self up w/ anger after hitting a blunt laced with cocaine obviously, (i heard the fizzle) and he snuck me when I turned my head to move to the side amongst all his antsy moving and to keep an eye on the endless niggas that was w/ him surrounding me,” August wrote. “Which was security and some n–a with a gun tucked… whom he then proceeded to run behind and hide to run back in the building. There was never a “fight”! Simply an Assault.”

By the end of the post, he challenged Tory to release the footage. Not long after, Tory seemingly responded to August’s call out. But instead, the rapper claimed to be in the studio and clueless about “what everybody talking about.” 

“I’m not in anything negative…I’ve been working on myself,” Tory said. “And being a better person.”

Tory Denies Being Involved In Physical Incident With August

DJ Akademiks added to the narrative by interviewing Tory on a phone while live streaming on Instagram. Tory immediately asked Akademiks if the conversation was being live-streamed. Akademiks confirmed it was. Then Tory denied knowing what August discussed in the post, saying, “I don’t even know what this kid is talking about.” 

August didn’t hold back. He posted more photos of injuries allegedly caused by Tory and his security team.

“Me after a toupee’d sneak attack then being man handled bu buku security one deep, as the jealous leprechaun runs back into the building,” August wrote.

No word from Tory or his team about the surfaced video of the dap diss.


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