A disturbing viral video clip shows a man in Israel being dragged to his death after a sinkhole spontaneously opened up in a swimming pool he was standing next to, and now the pool owner might be facing manslaughter charges, authorities say.

According to The Times of Israel, rescuers eventually found the body of 32-year-old Kill Kimhi after four hours of searching the 43-foot deep hole.

It’s still unclear exactly how Kimhi died, whether he drowned or died from being crushed by the sinking ground beneath him.

Sinkhole Forms At Pool Party At Private Home In Central Israel

The incident reportedly happened during a pool party in a private home in Karmei Yosef in Central Israel.

Video shows the ground begins to collapse as the pool water is sucked in within seconds. Meanwhile, two men were caught up in the growing sinkhole.

The other man, age 34, was able to climb out of the sinkhole to safety.

Pool Water Sucked In Within Seconds, Leaving One Dead, Another Injured

Authorities say six people were in the pool at the time of the natural disaster, however no one else was harmed.

Sinkholes typically form when the ground beneath the land is dissolved and washed away into the groundwater, which creates large open pockets right below a thin layer of ground.

The U.S., the states that experience the most sinkhole-induced damage include Florida, Texas, Alabama, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, police on scene told The Times that an investigation into the man’s death is ongoing, and authorities would be examining the licensing involved in the pool’s construction.

Owner Of The Home Investigated For Manslaughter Charges, Had No License For Pool

Police have since “interrogated the owner of the home on suspicions of negligent manslaughter,” and found that he had not applied for the necessary permits before building the pool.

No charges have been officially filed as of Friday. Video of the horrific incident has wracked up nearly 30,000 views in the day since it was posted online.

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