A toddler in Indiana was filmed on CCTV waving a loaded gun around – even pointing it at his face at one point – and now his father is under arrest, per reports.

The child, whose age was not immediately available but was identified as a boy, was seen walking around while casually with the gun in his hands on the Beech Grove complexes’ Ring camera, TMZ reports.

Shocking Surveillance Video Shows As Toddler Waves Gun Around, Pointing At Himself, Neighbors

Surveillance video even shows the boy in a diaper pointing the barrel at himself before pulling the trigger, however it miraculously did not fire.

The gun was the young boy’s father, who has since been charged in connection to the incident, according to the outlet.

The footage was filmed Saturday night, and went on to show the toddler pointing the gun at his neighbors before the video cuts to showing the child aiming at an apartment before the video cuts out.

Child Pulled Trigger, But No Bullets Were In The Chamber (Although 15 Rounds Were In The Magazine)

CNN reports the child did pull the trigger, however there were no bullets in the chamber. There were 15 rounds in the magazine though.

The boy eventually goes inside one of the units, according to NBC News. No one was injured, thankfully.

Police responded to the apartment building after a neighbor call 911 to report a child with a gun.

The responding officers were actually being filmed for the Reelz network’s “On Patrol: Live,” while they encountered Shane E. Osborne, the boy’s father.

Child’s Father Charged With Felony Neglect Of A Dependent, But No Gun Charges As Of Yet

Osborne told cops that he did not have a gun, but a search warrant of his home turned up the alleged firearm, which was located under a TV in the living room.


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