A WWE-style brawl erupted at a Texas Waffle House over the holiday weekend, with fists, glass and chairs flying between customers and several employees, a viral video shows.

The two-minute long clip, which had over 1.3 million views as of Thursday, starts off with a verbal argument between a female customer and a restaurant worker, who can be seen throwing a plate from behind the counter as it shatters into pieces on the floor below.

“I Just Want My Waffles, Bro,” Exasperated Cameraman Yells During Waffle House Melee

“Bro, I just want my waffles, bro,” the exasperated cameraman can be heard saying amidst the melee.

Things then seem to quiet down and get under control, but only for a moment.

One customer who had hopped on the counter can be seen swinging so hard at an employee that she flies off the table and onto the floor.

The situation immediately returns to chaos in what is likely the craziest part of the clip, when a chair thrown by own of the customers is caught by an employee in midair, much to the delight of onlookers.

Eventually, several other customers intervene and cool things off, as the fight draws to a close.

When one woman attempts to start things back up again, the man filming can be heard warning her she will likely go to jail if she continues.

It’s unclear whether there were any injuries or arrests in this particular viral incident.

Texas Incident Just One Of Many Waffle House Brawls To Occur In Recent Years

However, Waffle House’s in general are no stranger to brawls and unusual situations.

Travis Reinking, who shot and killed four people at a Nashville Waffle House in an early morning attack in 2018, was found guilty on four counts of 1st-degree murder after pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

That same year, a half-naked man all of a sudden fell out of the ceiling at an Alabama Waffle House.

The man, identified as Wesley Glenn Bost, was attempting to rob the restaurant’s office until the ceiling he was in had other plans of crashing down, The Shade Room reported at the time.

A Waffle House Inc. restaurant at night in Bessemer, Alabama, U.S., on Sunday, Feb. 7, 2021. Photographer: Elijah Nouvelage/Bloomberg via Getty Images

“Apparently, he made a wrong step and he came down into the dining area,” Tuscumbia Police Chief Tony Logan tells the Times Daily.

Police believe that Wes was on drugs, from his behavior that was also captured on video by someone who was there when it all went down—no pun intended.

Violent 2018 Arrest Of Black Woman At Waffle House Sparks Outrage, Protests

That same year, another viral video – also at an Alabama Waffle House – showed police officers wrestling with a black woman and throwing her on the floor in a violent arrest, The Shade Room previously reported.

Her breasts are exposed during the altercation, and at one point, one of the officers places his hand around her neck.

“What are you doing?” 25-year-old Chikesia Clemons asks during the struggle with officers. “I’ll break your arm, that’s what I’m about to do,” an officer replied.

Ben Crump, Chikesia Clemons’ attorney who’s best known for representing the family of Trayvon Martin, says his client was “assaulted,” “choked,” and “brutalized” by law enforcement.

At a press conference in Mobile, Crump said one of the Waffle House employees told Clemons to “know your place,” and he believes that had racial overtones.

Clemons was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. In response, members of the local N.A.A.C.P. chapter began protesting outside the Waffle House.

Black Couple Handcuffed Over $1.50 Bill Dispute At Florida Waffle House Restaurant

A third incident occurred in 2018, with The Shade Room reporting at the time that people were calling for a boycott of Waffle House restaurants after a black couple in Florida was handcuffed over a bill dispute.

CBS News reports a video of the couple disputing the bill went viral, prompting Fort Walton police to release their own footage this week. While the couple thought employees were fixing their bill because they say they were overcharged $1.50 on a glass of orange juice, the restaurant called the police on them.

And their interaction with the police didn’t go any better. Officers kept threatening that the man needed to pay his bill or he was going to jail and at one point an officer pointed a Taser at the man’s chest before arresting him, without even interviewing the employees about the situation.

The couple said they were willing to pay the bill even though they did not get their food and were scolded by an officer for arguing over the bill. Eventually the couple was released but not before the man asked for the officer’s badge number to which he replied, “You know I’m doing you a favor by not taking you to jail now?”


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