What are the Best NFL Betting Strategies? 

Sports bettors are increasingly flocking to the NFL to make wagers, with countless possibilities and winning opportunities on offer. Learning about NFL lines and the different ways of betting is essential if you want to get more involved. Additionally, punters must appreciate some crucial parts of NFL betting strategy to avoid making unrealistic bets or burning through their bankroll. 

While NFL betting strategies certainly exist, they’re not surefire ways to place winning bets. NFL betting strategies are meant to increase your odds of winning, which is why many sports betting experts spend so long honing their tactics. Let’s explore the ins and outs of NFL betting strategy. 


How Betting on the NFL Works 

It’s crucial to overview how betting on the NFL works before we delve deeper into the more complex and advanced facets of NFL betting strategy. Interestingly, betting among friends or family was the most popular betting method on Super Bowl LVI, closely followed by online and mobile sportsbooks. 

The advantage of betting with your friends and family is that the rules are much more flexible, but as sportsbooks are legalized in more and more US states, this will quickly become the most popular way to place NFL wagers. It’s incredibly straightforward. Just register and download an app if you prefer to use your mobile. We’ll outline the most advantageous bet types in the next section. 


Advantageous Ways to Wager 

There are several different types of wagers NFL bettors can utilize. Some are better than others in certain situations, especially for punters on more of a budget. You can find a roundup of the most common wager types and their advantages below: 

– Moneyline: A moneyline bet is a straight prediction on the winner or loser of a game. It’s a great wager to use if you’re sure of the winner of an NFL game, but if the odds are swung too far in one team’s favor, you won’t be able to win much money. 

– Prop Bet: Do you have a particular player you back to score a large number of touchdowns? Or are you sure about the total rush yards during a game? If so, a prop bet is a great way to capitalize on this. They refer to specific events during a game, offering lucrative odds but more risk. 

– Parlay: Parlay bets involve several different wagers simultaneously. Each correct prediction multiplies the overall win amount, but even one wrong guess will cause the whole bet to lose. 

– Point Spread: Point spread betting is a relatively new way of placing wagers. Instead of fixed win amounts, point spread bets reward punters with better odds the more accurate they are. For example, you would win more money if you bet on less than four touchdowns in total during an NFL game with only one touchdown. 

– Over/Under: Sometimes, it’s difficult to predict the overall result of a game, but you may have a more specific idea of the number of touchdowns scored. Over/Under bets are perfect for these scenarios, as they require punters to predict whether they think the total will be over or under the number set by the sportsbook. 


The Importance of Researching Players 

You can revise the basics of sports betting and the best wagers to place all you want, but without researching players and teams, you’re less likely to taste success. Reading up on the latest NFL news and expert tips is paramount to placing successful wagers, especially with things like individual player prop bets. Not doing so is lazy and can dramatically reduce your chances. Fortunately, NFL research is also enjoyable! 


How the NFL Draft & Player Swaps Impact Bets

Keeping up-to-date with the NFL draft and player swaps is just as important as individual player research. For example, news of Ugo Amadi being sent to the Philadelphia Eagles completely changes the Seattle Seahawks preseason outlook, potentially affecting any future bets you might have wanted to place. 

Similarly, new rookies coming through the NFL Draft can significantly affect team strength. Savvy sports bettors can also be the first to bet on breakout stars, often with better odds and more significant potential returns. 


Structuring Your Bet Amounts 

Structuring your bet amounts relative to the bet type is crucial to any NFL betting success. For example, don’t spend big on parlay bets that are unlikely to come in and would pay handsomely anyway. On the other hand, Over/Under bets can be opportune moments to put a little more on the line. 

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