Through his high-profile modeling debut, Black Panther star Winston Duke has inadvertently become “the face of the plus-sized modeling movement.” However, the actor notably “had no idea” that he fell into the plus-size category, though he’s embracing the title!

Winston Duke: ‘I’m The Ambassador For Plus-Size Modeling Now’

While appearing on Live with Kelly and Ryan on Wednesday, Winston was asked if any additional offers followed his modeling debut at the Savage X Fenty Show Vol. 4 back in November.

Despite responding with a simple “no,” Winston noted that one surprising development has come out of his modeling experience.

“No, but I’ve now been crowned the face of the plus-sized modeling movement.”

He continued, noting that he had no idea that he was “plus sized.” However, he’s openly embracing his status as the “unofficial ambassador.”

“I had no idea, apparently I’m plus sized. So, I’ve been running around telling people to watch how they talk to me because I’m the ambassador for plus-size modeling now. Unofficial ambassador.”

Winston proceeded to humorously add that his feature for Esquire fueled the revelation as well, as he saw people refer to him as a “plus-sized man” for the first time.

“There were all the tweets saying, ‘We’re so glad’—I was like, the cover for Esquire magazine recently—and they’re like, ‘It’s so good to see a plus-sized man be dressed really well.’ And I’m like, ‘I’m plus-sized?’”

Winston wrapped up by noting, “I’ve just been going with it. I’m a plus-sized guy. I’ll take it!”

The Actor Serves BAWDY On Instagram

While speaking on Winston being a plus-size icon, we have to add that he stays showin’ off on IG!

Whether he’s lounging in shorts or cracking watermelon and papaya with his thighs, Winston isn’t afraid to put his thicc legs on display!

Fruits aren’t the only things that buckle under the pressure of Winston’s thighs, though, as exemplified by a story he recently shared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

The actor specifically recounted being asked to wrestle with Chadwick Boseman during a screen test for Black Panther.

“We were going through the scenes, and they’re like, ‘We just want to see how you guys are going to be together, how you’re gonna play. So, could you wrestle or something? Could you wrestle around?”

Winston ultimately agreed to it, though “the first thing that happened was [his] pants split open.”

“I got in there and I, like, crouched down. And the first thing that happened was my pants split open…We saw it!”

Shoutout to Winston Duke, and we hope to see him pursue other modeling opportunities in the future!


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