Florida police have arrested Natalia Harrell, who got into a heated argument with her friend which led to her fatally shooting the other woman in a crowded SUV Uber ride.

According to Local 10 News, a witness said Harrell, 24 and a group of friends were at the Clevelander Hotel and Bar on South Beach men in the group asked a woman in the group if she had any friends that would like to join them, the report states.

The woman showed the men a social media account of the victim, Gladys Yvette Borcela, 28, who agreed to meet with them at The Urban at 1000 NW Second Ave.

Borcela’s Dancing Offended Her Friend

After meeting up at the Overtown venue, Harrell was reportedly upset with the fact that Borcela began to “drink and dance,” texting the witness to “get her girl under control,” the outlet reports. The group then ended their night and ordered the Uber. Harrell and Borcela sat down in the third row, and the two began to bicker and call each other names, the witness states.

Reportedly, the fight got so out of control that Harrell then ended up in the front of the Uber facing the other passengers, and kept shouting, “You don’t want this; you don’t want me to go in my purse,” the report states.

Harell Shoots Her Friend In Uber, With Witnesses Inside

After Harrell threatened to go inside her purse, the argument to a turn for the worst. Facing her victim, Harell then reportedly pulled out a gun and allegedly shot Borcela once, the report stated.

According to Local 10, the crime was captured on video inside the Uber and showed the driver stopping the vehicle before the other occupants — except for Borcela — scattered. The mother of three was taken to a hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Police arrested Harrell Tuesday and she is now facing a second-degree murder charge.

A GoFundMe page was set up for Borcela by her mother to cover her child’s funeral costs. She has raised $4,355 as of Thursday.

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